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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Educational series

My boys are visual learners and independent learners as well. They both can read quiet well, so I am always looking for ways for them to learn on their own. Here are some series that I have found very helpful:

Videos and DVD:

Works: They have titles like;: Looking Good, On the move, Fabulous Food and show you how things work or are made.

Amazing Heroes  All about community workers, firefighters, policemen, rescue workers etc...

Totally Truck  All about trucks and their work. Tittle includes Fire Monsters, Garbage Monsters, Recycle Monsters.

Mighty Machine  Another one all about trucks.

Magic School Bus

Zimmo on boats, planes and trains

My First Video: Science, Nature, Cooking and Activities (crafts)


Let's Explore Science

Let's Read and Find out Science

Know it All Reader

Explore and Learn (Set of 6 books)  Titles are Atlas of the World, Me and my Body, People in Place and Time, The Nature World, Science and Technology, Earth and Space

Ruth Heller's Books

Magic School Bus

The best part: I get them all at the library.

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