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Friday, July 17, 2009

School year planning con't

I am not much of a planning person (my husband is though), but for this coming year I have decided to do my best and have a yearly plan so that, as my husband would tell me, even if I don't end up following the schedule to the letter, my mind at the very least will be organized.

I previously wrote a post about our curriculum. You can check it here.

So, so far I have come up with a week by week school plan for the year and a weekly schedule.

This is what the week by week schedule looks like. I printed first and wrote on it in pencil. Once finalized, I'll write on the the computer and print it out.

Week by week Schedule

I am hoping that our weekly schedule will look like this:

Bible: Everyday morning and evening
Math: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
English (FLL): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Spelling: Tuesday and Thursday
Handwritting: Wednesday
History and Geography: Tuesday or Thursday (Readings)
Science: Monday (science experiments)
Arts and Crafts:
Monday or Wednesday
Latin (starting in January): Thursday

You may have noticed that our week has only 4 days, that's because I want to leave a day for catch up, and, when our electives with our Co-op starts on Fridays (on which day we hardly get any time to do school), the schedule won't be messed up. Also I am leaving room on Wednesday for a possible playdate day.

Here are some very valuable websites on the subject of school planning:

Oklahoma Homeschool. make sure to browse around the site, it has great information on homeschooling.

Donna Young, Talibiddeenjr and How to homeschool today have a wealth of free homeschool forms. And again be sure to browse around, they also contains other valuable information on homeschooling in general.

I am still working on my resource book which is really a list of books I want to use from the library for science, social studies and arts and crafts.

Have a great day, Joelle


Anonymous said...

I would love to here a review on your Latin program once you see it and try it out. I know it will be awhile but keep that in my mind ( I'll remind you :) later...)


P.S. Making your yummy bread again on your recipe blog! Kids and husband can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I want to post my schedule on my blog, but can't figure out how. I have it typed on a table in microsoft office. When I copy and paste it into my blog post, it does not appear as a table. Can you tell me how you did yours?

Thanks so much!


Robin E. said...

I really like your schedule page that you shared. It looks great, and so professional. Thank you for sharing on the Blog Hop.

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