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Friday, October 23, 2009

Weekly Wrap-up

It's Friday. Another week has passed by. Another week of learning. We started school back this week and it was met with a bit of resistance on Monday  but quickly got under control. WE were able to cover all our planned subjects.

We're moving right along with First Language Lessons. In Math, we are seeing the end of the first set of books picking in the horizon and I am thrilled about that; I think Zach too. As I mentioned here, we've included some games now to help with getting the math facts down. Comprehension of concepts is very good but math facts knowledge is still rather limited.

In Science we are covering biomes and it has been a very interesting topic.  We've learned about grasslands, coniferous, deciduous and tropical forest, desert and Tundra. next week is going to be about the Aquatic biome. I am hoping to come up with a lapbook about it. Still cogitating . . . as usual . . . I've got all the books though:

In History we are moving along in our History for Little Pilgrims and have reached the times of Constantine and the knights.

For Joho, he has been doing some reading with dad, along with some handwriting and math games.

This week I came up with a new idea for the handwriting, which, of course I got from somebody somewhere (just can't remember where). Here it is in picture.

Violin is coming along as well. Still have to struggle with that general nonchalence attitude towards hard work, but we work at it. One lives in hope and hard work . . . I am at the school of patience and perseverance.

We did go on a playdate at the science center on Thursday, and that was fun.
And we did have our Co-op today as well.

All in all a good week.

Have a great day,

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