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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Learning style-Auditory

I used to think that Zach was a visual learner, just because he was good at sight words, taught himself how to read and in general was getting a lot of information through things I had scattered all over the house. But in the past few months I came to realize that he is more of an auditory learner, with a bit of visual to it.

Recently, I came across this post about Characteristics of auditory learnes, that definitely confirmed my suspicion. Hop on over it is a great read!

Zach displays a whole lot of these characteristics like:
Hums or talks to themselves!!
They spell most of the time correctly
They can read pretty well.
Most are musically inclined
Good at grammar
Make up great stories!
They remember things they hear during lectures or conversations with others
Good vocabulary
They can carry on interesting conversations and get their ideas across very clearly
They like to talk lot!!
Their descriptions are usually long and they repeat things over and over!
Not good at reading silently
Hard for them to keep quiet for prolonged periods, they just gotta get up and talk!
It’s hard for auditory learners not to express themselves emotionally
Have poor comprehension when reading silently

This has definitely helped me understand him better and now the challenge is to further tailor the way I present materials to him to his learning style. Not always an easy task!

Have a great day,

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JnJAF99 said...

Hi, Joelle, What an interesting thought about auditory learning. You asked about my DD, she has been taking violin lessons for 2 years. I posted a video from her Christmas recital on the blog if you want to see how she did in a large group.

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