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Friday, November 6, 2009

Weekly Wrap-up

I hope you all had a good and productive week. We are 3 weeks away from our Christmas break and doing well.

This week we were able to do all the things that we were supposed to. I have been trying to keep a cold off bay. Johann had a cough from last week, but is getting better. And dad is trying to keep it all away from him (getting sick with his illness is not recommended).

Here is what we did though:
Science, we moved on to species and Zach seems to be quite interrested.

Reading, we are continuing on with our BJU readers and narration. This week we did retelling of story and summary of ideas.

, we moved on to the times of the Pilgrims. Zach was very excited to realized that we had visited quite a few of the original colonies.

Math, we finished the Singapore 1A and we are both exited about that.
We did weight and measurements this week and Zach had fun. Here is Zach measuring the wall with his hand.

Here he is measuring the desk using a pen:

Here he is measuring his truck with blocks:

Spelling, I had held back in doing it, because of all the writing involved, but surprisingly on Monday Zach wanted to do spelling, so, we had a nice spelling session using a board and markers. I forgot to take a picture of that. Hopefully he will do it again next week and I will remember to take a pic.

This week we have moved on to a different topic in our FLL: Sentences. That`s exiting. We love FFL but sometimes it tends to get repetitive, which in itself is good but  . . . Anyway, this week was a bit more exiting.

Here he is putting some sentences in order

I had also forgotten to mention that since we came back from our vacation 2 months ago, we have started doing Daily Geography once a week, and Zach has been enjoying it very much.

As for Joho he has been doing his reading with dad as well as his regular math games, as shown here, and this week he also did some sight word matching, which you can see here.

Last week I mentioned that the boys have been into firefighting these days. Here is a pic of them rescuing a house (that they built).

Another thing that happened this week was on Monday when Johann was hanging on my arm as usual while I was getting a dish out of the fridge, and blam, on the floor it went with the freshly, as of the night before, baked apple crisp. I let out a shout, of course, but by God's grace, and only His grace, managed to keep it together. My husband reminded of how this would be a perfect chance for me to demonstrate forgiveness and so I did. This was one of those dishes that goes both in the oven and on the stove. Both my husband and I loooved it. Anyway, today, my husband brought home a cast iron dutch oven (we've never owned one before). Thank you hubby!

And that's it. For more weekly wrap-up hop on over at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

Have a great day,


JamieLee said...

Looks like a great week with lots of hands-on learning.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great week!

My daughter used to hate writing, too, but it was different if you used the white board. I became very creative, she used sidewalk chalk outside, her magna doodle and aqua doodle toys. I had her write her spelling words in playdough, tubs of sand, rice, etc. Now she doesn't mind writing.

Way to keep it together over the casserole dish (and the apple crisp). You deserve a Mommy-Award for that!

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