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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What we have been adding to our homeschool

As mentioned before I am always trying to spice up our homeschool and come up with extra things for teaching different subjects. Now I am not very creative, so much of my ideas are either from somewhere or a derivative of another idea. Here is a sample of things I have done.

For language, in the past, I have made up matching cards of sight words for the kids to practice them. They've mastered them for a while now, but as I took them out to give them to a friend of mine, Joho decided he wanted to do them.

Today for our math lesson, I was supposed to have a weighing scale, but I did not. So here is what I came up with:

Lapbooks I have been working on:

As we go through our First Language Lessons book, I am making a lapbook to go along with it

This is one to go along our Building Spelling Skills

I finally starting on the Biomes one

Some visuals:

I am going to start teaching them about Continents, so, I found these continent maps at and a song to learn the continents at Lessons Pathways.

Here are the words of the song, sung to the tune of Up Goes the Weasel
Asia, Africa, Antartica,
Australia and Europe too,
North America, South America
These are the seven continents

And here is our latest addition:
The idea came from Pumpkin Patch, a blog that definitely deserves a visit. You will find the template and the instructions there. The boys were really happy to see this clock when they woke up this morning. Hopefully they will know how to tell time in no time.

Have a great day,

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