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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Scheduling. Now that's a word that brings mixed feelings in me. I do not like routine. Yet, I do like being organized and having things running smoothly. I am sure many of you have heard the saying that kids thrive on and love structure. Well, I had to realized the truth of that statement. So, as much as I do not like routine I have to have structure to our day for our life to run smoothly to minimize aggravation and stress.

So, What did I do to go about this whole thing of scheduling. A few months ago, with the help of my dear very organized and disciplined husband, I came up with a weekly daily schedule that looked like this

It worked well, in that the kids loved to know what was coming next. I had less whys and resistance when told that it was time to do something or when I said no to a particular activity. The only thing I did not like was
1. that any time we had to change something it became a big problem, because "it was not on the schedule".
2. I had to print off a new schedule every week.

So, in light of these issues and because I wanted to revamp it a bit, as far as what would be on the schedule, I decided to try to improve on it.

Now, I remembered that I had this magnetic calendar which had been given to Zach as a gift when he was 3. I had not found a way to use it in an appropriate manner yet, but it had been hanging on the door for a while now. Then the idea came. And this is what I came up with.

I kept the general format of the old schedule, but these are the changes I made:

  • this time I added times to it.

  • Where before I had to print a sheet for each child, I decided to have their schedule side by side, since they do do most stuff together.

  • Made the schedule day by day as opposed to weekly ( I may still have a weekly schedule for myself but i will only show them the schedule for the day.

  • And best of all ,I printed it on magnetic paper, or on paper and taped it unto magnetic paper. This gives me flexibility to change things around within a day, and the activities become reusable day after day.

I will use the top part of the board, which is also magnetic, to put in special activities, for which I actually have appropriate magnets that came with the board; things like park day, fieldtrip, doctor's appointment, vacation etc...

This is our first week with this schedule and I really like the flexibility of it. The kids are also fine with it and that is of course a good thing.

This schedule is strictly for daily activities. I also have a seperate schedule school schedule detailing what subject are done when.

Have a great day,


Anonymous said...

Good info, Joelle. Do you stick with the schedule, for instance, if they want to continue to play with Lego's? Or do you make them move on to the next activity, like Construction?

I would also be interested in seeing your homeschool schedule, if you don't mind sharing.


brafordchemist said...

I totally admire you. I didn't get the organizational gene.

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