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Friday, January 22, 2010

Weekly wrap-up

Here we are at the end of another week, and time to Join Kris for a weekly wrap-up at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

Our week was not a bad a week but somehow I am feeling rather frustrated and a bit overwhelmed.

We covered our Math, English, Geography and Science for the week. We learned about contractions, divisions and life science classification. We continued with our circle time (and I am sorry I was supposed to post on that but I just did not get to it this week, I really hope I will next week).

We also had a nice field trip on Thursday which consisted of a trip back in time, to be more precise 1910, and experience what being school would be like then:


The reason why I am feeling the way I do is that, though we were able to accomplish some things, I feel like I am not accomplishing as much as |I wish I would. Although I have been working on scheduling and time organization and I do not feel like that is under control the way I would like.

I probably could really use some encouragemnt and advice as to how to balance child interest learning and teaching discipline. Now that we have a daily schedule and try to follow that, things are certainly better than when there is no schedule, but I find it really hard to get the kids off their own interests and little world.

They are very much into lego, firefighting, construction and emergency stuff, and have their own little world that they are in, and it is really hard to get them out. I do believe that there are great benefits in letting kids explore their interests, as I see it in them (they know quite a lot on these particular subjects and it opens up lots of teaching opportunities), and what they learn in these contexts tends to stick better;, but at the same time I do believe that they need to learn discipline, that is, learn to be under authority and that everything has its proper time and place, and somehow that seems to clash with letting them explore. They resist it precisey because they are in that other world.

One way that I use to deal with that is continuing to emphasize obedience, which is of course at the heart of this issue, but I feel that there is more that I could do.

How do you moms out there deal with that? What are your strategies in balancing these two things? I am eager to hear what others do in trying to give their kids freedom to explore their interests, and at the same time getting them to enthusiastically explore and do other things, especially the academics.

Have a great day, ``

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JamieLee said...

There seems to be a lot of that frustration stuff going around. At least in our homeschool, and I don't typically get frustrated about that stuff. (Other things, yes, but not so much with school.) Anyway, hang in there & it'll get better, & you'll figure out the things you're having trouble with!

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