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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Work for me Wednesday

Wonders of wonders, today I have a Works-For-Me Wednesday to share: lunches at our house
Here is a very short list of what we do for lunch here (mainly just the kids):


  1. Leftover dinner

  2. Leftover breakfast. My husband absolutely loves his breakfast. So I literally usually cook breakfast. I had previously post on our breakfast  idea list. Among those you can find some that can be eaten as leftover for lunch: pancakes, waffles, omelette, frittatas and muffins.

  3. Easy quick quessadillas: On a tortilla, spread some leftover meat (chicken and beef are my favorites) with some grated cheese on top and green pepper with desired. Fold over and cook on a stovetop gill or pan. Et voila.

  4. Ham and cheese sandwiches (classic).

  5. Quick pizza: On a tortilla, spread some barbecue sauce, mixed or not with ketchup, spread ham or whatever meat you have on hand, vegetable or choice if desired and grated cheese. Bake and voila.

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Have a great day,


Aiming4Simple said...

After anguishing over what to make for lunch for a while, I made a list for myself. I had forgotten about leftovers though, until recently. This is the second day I've enjoyed heating them up for a quick and painless lunch. I like your ideas here and will use them to supplement my lunch idea list. Thanks for sharing them all.

Anonymous said...

I never thought to use a tortilla as the basis for a mini pizza. Great idea :) Lynn

Anonymous said...

Thanks for some new lunch ideas! I can certainly use those, we seem to be in a rut of peanut butter/honey or meat/cheese/crackers right now! :)

I'm glad you liked The Mom Song too! Feel free to share it! It's too good not too!

~Maria @

Anonymous said...

We also like bagel pizzas. Just pop a bagel in the toaster, spread some pizza sauce and cheese on and broil for a few minutes! Yummy!

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