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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Listening to litterature made easy

In trying to have my kids exposed to more classics, I have started an audio book listening time. We have it while they cleaned up their toys, before dinner, everyday. So far the kids have been really enjoying it. I was surprised to see them listen to a book quite attentive for a good half hour.

Here are some books they have listen to so far:

Winnie the Pooh stories

Sarah Lee Burton books

I Stink

Harry and the dinosaur books

Today I came across this excellent article on the benefit of adding more books to your reading schedule using audio book. It really makes the case for it. Go over and enjoy it.


Have a great day,


paojava said...

what's the link for the audio book artice? I was JUST thinknig about doing more audio books!

umanjoelle said...

The link is up. Sorry for the oversight.

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