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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New milestone: the toothless smile

If you 've read my post about Zach's permanent teeth growing behind his baby teeth, here is the sequel.

After 3 weeks of trying to wiggle those front baby teeth, they barely came loose. So, to the dentist we went yesterday to have them taken out. Zach was actually excited, he had been wanting to go back to the dentist since the last visit. He was really hopping that the teeth would not come out so that he would go back.

He did very well, although he had to have the needle in the gum, and the actual extraction was a bit harder than it should normally be. I think he was  a bit taken aback, as it was not as painless as the last visit, but it seems that he still enjoyed the overall experience again. He is ok to go back if need be (emphasis on if need be).

And for the pics:

As you can see, he had brought a friend along

The dentist made sure the friend helped

There he is with his loot

And for the result (you can see the permanent teeth at the back


christine said...

Can I just tell you how cute Zach is? I could squeeze him!!!

How did you feel about those baby teeth gone? Was it a bittersweet time for you? Your baby is growing up!

joelle said...

I am ok with it. He still looks quite the same so it is not a major change. But yes, he is growing up and I always remind myself of that as I anticipate each birthday, he is soon to be 7. I do miss the baby. . .

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