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Friday, June 18, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

I only have 2 things to say for this weekly wrap-up: School is out and It is packing time.

On the school front: I declared school was out yesterday, as we were finishing up our First Language Lessons book. That was really the only thing I was waiting for. I kind of skipped some of it towards the end, but that is ok. Who said you have to do everything in a curriculum? Watching soccer is way more fun (especially for Joho).

On the home front: We are leaving on Monday and everyone is excited and ready to pack. My hubby is the designated packer here, and that is what he will be doing tonight, while Zach and I will be out at our weekly Kidz club activity.

The boys are happy, no more mommy calling out it’s school time. It is craft and play time galore.  Zach has rediscovered his love of drawing for the past few weeks, and that is what he has been doing a lot of. I can’t provide enough drawing pads. . .   He also has rediscovered his train track, so the both of them have been doing that  a lot too. Firefighting and police is still very present though, my house can testify of it.

I am very happy that I have made lots of progress with trying to tidy up the apartment before we go. I’ve done the boys’ bedroom, the living room, the dining room and I am still due the master bedroom to do. It is not perfect but definitely in much better shape than it has been in the past few weeks.

From the heart: Unfortunately the week-end looks busy with all the final preparations for our trip, a wedding tomorrow, Zach end of year recital on Sunday, and a DVBS meeting on Sunday as well. We will make it though and be glad to be on that plane.

In the Kitchen: Not much happened this week either. Just the regular meals. I am due to prepare some dishes for the wedding tomorrow, for the girl watching our kids tomorrow afternoon, while we are at the wedding. She specifically requested my Strawberry galette. And I also need to bring a dish for the DVBS luncheon meeting on Sunday.

For the photo of the week:

This is it for me this week.

In the next 3 weeks I will still be around on here, but no consistency as we will be on vacation at my parent’s house on the beautiful Caribbean island of Martinique, with a one night stop-over in Barbados.

For more weekly wrap-up check Weird Unsocialized Homeschooler.


Ellen said...

So you're packing, too! How fab that your DH is the designated packer. At my house, it's me! Have a lovely time on your trip!

Canadagirl said...

Wow ! What a fun and exciting time for you all. Ohhh it is so fun to re discover fun things. I pray blessings on all your summer time fun and family time. I sure hope you blog from Caribbean island and Barbados.
( IF you have time. Well take pictures so we can get a glimpce of your world !)

Blessings and ((HUGS))
In Him<

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