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Friday, July 23, 2010

Planning, planning , planning

I am not an inborn planner or scheduler but I have come to see the benefit of it all. I did take the time and effort to plan our school year last summer and last school year went pretty smoothly minus some changes then and there.

So, again I am making the effort during the rest of our summer break time to plan our next school year. You can see our curriculum line  up on the curriculum page on the blog.

So far I have made up a daily routine and a weekly school schedule.

School_daily Routine - 10-11

School Weekly Schedule 10 11 and School Weekly Schedule-10-11 #2 (since the second part did not show up).

My next project on which I am now working on, is our yearly school schedule which will contain all of what I am planning to cover in the different subjects according to the book I am using for that subject. I am first doing it by subject, then will transfer it into one document.

1 comment:

The Munchkins' Mama said...

Wow! You have it going on! I'm jealous! (and inspired)

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