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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Not Back-to-School Blog Hop - Week 4: A day in the Life

This is week 4 of the Not back-to School blog hop over at Heart of the Matter Online, and it's all about A day in the Life.

In an attempt to keep it true to life I waited until Tuesday so as to record how our day goes in real time, since our school week starts on Tuesday. Unfortunately ,Tuesday did not go as planned. Instead of a normal regular school day, it ended up being a disciplining day.

It all started when I agreed with Zach that he would watch 3 videos of his Thomas stuff on you tube (that's his new thing these days), and then we would start school. The plan was to give him an opportunity to show himself trustworthy and responsible, well, suffice to say he failed. When it was done, instead of moving to the table where I was waiting for him, he Headed straight to the bedroom. BAD CHOICE. I called his attention, he came and was not too pleased with what was happening. I gave him a nice talking to about responsibility, keeping one's word, obedience, etc. . ., and as a consequence told him he was not allowed to watch any more of these today. Then, we moved on to our subjects. Unfortunately, as we started the next subject, he did not cooperate, he started complaining and dreaming about trains and the like. He did not want to do school. Well, I decided there was not going to be any school today for him, neither would there be any other play. I sent him to his bed for the whole day.

This is a picutre of his feeling at the start of his confinement time (the yellow thing at the top, he says, is God)


This is a picture of his feeling in the afternoon.

These are drawings of the course of events of the day:

The train set is all packed away ( I have not quite decided until when). He was allowed to read books that I had set on his bed ( all christian books), and was given paper and colored pencils.  He was allowed to listen to his audiobible and scripture songs CDs. Throughout the day we had conversations, he drew his feelings and we talked about them. We talked things over and hopefully he got the lesson.

He was allowed out of the room when dad came home at 6:00. (Of course he did stepped out during the day a few times, but was consistently sent back). I do not normally allow eating in the bedroom, but made exceptions. Also around 4:00 I allowed him to read in his science Book, and we talked about it, and also allowed him a fiction book.

This is the first time that I take such action (I usually just put away the train set for a few days), but I really felt that strong actions were in order. I want him to explore his interest to the max, and right now it has to do with trains, Thomas and stories, and that is fine. But when it causes you to make foolish decisions and  disobey, something must be done and it had reached to that.

Today, Wednesday was a more usual day:

  • I get up (shower, coffee, devotion)

  • Kids get up - play or/and watch a couple of show on PBS kids

  • Breakfast (with catechism and bible verse time),  then brush teeth, get ready for the day.

  • Depending on the time they get to play a bit before we start school

  • Any time between 10:00 and 11:00 we start school and do one subject after another. Today, we started at 10:45 and were done by 1:00. Often time Joho is done before Zach so he gets to go on the computer either on AHA Science or E-learning for Kids. He is usually required to join us back for History, which we do on the couch.

  • Once school is done they are free to do whatever they like for the afternoon. The afternoons usually consists of free play, videos, computer, or art time.

  • Around 4:00, they have their respective music practice (piano for Joho and Violin for Zach)

  • Then, they have more free time.

  • Around 6:00 it's dinner time (once daddy gets home)

  • Then it is bed time routine (bath, pyjamas, read-aloud, devotion and bed)


Casondra said...

I also have a son who gets very caught up in his interests. He is 19 now. Oh how I wish I could send him to his room again and have those correctional times. lol

christine said...

Great job, Joelle!!! I think you did the wise thing. School is good, but if he doesn't learn to obey mommy, he doesn't learn to obey God...which is most important! You are a good mom!

Cheryl@SomewhatCrunchy said...

Wow, you're strict :) Bit they do need to learn to focus and be respectful.

Christy said...

I know what you mean about those kind of days. We started using Sue Patrick's Workbox system this year and it has really kept the kids and I on track throughout the day and we are getting so much done.

Susan said...

I hear you. Sometimes you need to take a break from your regular schedule to teach an important life lesson. Thank you for sharing.

Tiany said...

Looks like you all have a wonderful plan in place. Love the pics, your children are precious!

Carol Flett said...

Sounds like a very productive training time even if it wasn't "school"

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