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Friday, August 20, 2010

Reading and The Boys

Since this week at the homeschool village was about reading and books I thought I would write about my boys' relationship with books

Both my boys love to read, but they rather read at night, and play during the day.

What we have done when the kids were very young was reading to them from different kinds of books. As they were growing up and showing interests in different topics, I made a point of getting books on those topics (which they would read over and over), while still trying to read other stuff to them. That really set them up for being early reader. They both read at age 4.

My eldest only reads for information. He will not pick up a fiction book, unless he really gets intrigued. So, what I have come up with was audiobook. Once I introduced him to audiobook, he started to enjoy fiction.  He still would only read it with the cd or tape player, but I am ok with that. His vocabulary increases, so does his exposure and appreciation of literature and the classics. He has since read books such as Huckleberry Finn (abridged version), Paddle to the sea, The Swiss Family Robinson and such, and he actually enjoys them so much that he usually re-reads/listens to them more that twice. At the moment, he is on his second reading of Charlotte's Web and 1st of Stuart Little. Since he is an ausditory learner, usually after reading a chapter, or the book a couple of time, he can then recite it to me, which he usually does because he likes then book so much. The challenge then is to have him summarize it to me as opposed to reciting it.

My younger child enjoys any book but loves Curious George and Winnie the Pooh (the original). He is more the kind that reads both for pleasure and to get information. He loves stories and especially monkeys or bear's stories. Go figure!

Up to now, and we plan on continung, we read to them every night before sending them to bed. They both get 2-3 books that they get to choose (although sometimes we would pick one of them), and a consecutive reading of a story bible.

If you visit my literature Corner link at the top of the blog, you will find a list of classics we have read (which is not an extensive list because we also read lots of other books) and the sources from which I draw my reading list from.

Happy reading!

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