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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

10 Educational Shows I do not Mind my kids Watching

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Put aside the TV debate, here are the shows that I let my kids watch (in no particular order):

1. Super Why (language)

2. Curious George (math and science)

3. Dinosaur Train (it teaches evolution but we just have to teach them what is right. I do not believe in keeping the kids ignorant of what's out there. They need to know the truth and it is our job to teach it to them). (science)

4. Sid the Science Kid (science)

5. The Cat in the Hat Knows all About That (science)

6. The Magic Schoolbus (science)

7. Busytown Mystery (thinking skills)

8. Puppets Town (thinking skills)

9. Blue's clues (not necessary Blue's Room): you can still get them on DVDs and videotapes (preschool-kindergarden, multiple)

10. World World (language)


Laurie said...

My kids always enjoyed Magic Schoolbus. So did my husband! My kids also liked Wishbone. I don't know if he's on anymore or not.

Kristen Thompson said...

Working with kids who struggle with learning and attention issues, I have always been very careful about "too much TV" and I would agree with your Top 10 list here. When a show is not too overstimulating and provokes conversation, it can be a good thing!

wdworkman said...

Busytown was one of my favorites when my kids were little. We wore out a couple of Busytown videos.
Janet W

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