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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Homeschool Village - Uniforms

It's been a while since I have linked up at The Homeschool Village. I have missed everybody.

This week we are sharing about uniforms: What does getting dressed look like in your home? Do you wear mismatched socks and neon lounge pants? What's the funniest thing your kid wears to school?

One of the great thing I like about homeschooling is the whole ordeal of not to have to wake  up early necessarily, getting dressed at a certain time, getting on the bus, and all of that.

At our home I do require the kids to get dressed (although my 5 year old ends up often time spending the whole day in his PJ, but that's because his PJ are not necessary sleep clothes). Getting dressed is part of the morning routine along with breakfast, catechism, Bible memory verse and brushing teeth, things that have to be done in the morning. I believe kids need to learn discipline and having a certain routine helps with that. I do like the fact though, that I do not have to worry about what kind of clothes they are wearing. They have a drawer for stay at home clothes and a drawer for going out clothes. Their stay at home clothes tend to get stained with food and paint and the like, but no one cares.

For my part, I love it when I am up before the boys, showered and dressed,my day goes much smoother, but it does not always happen. If I wake up behind schedule, which means, late in regard to when my hubby needs to leave (we eat breakfast together, and I mean a prepared breakfast), then I end up spending most of my day in my PJ, which is certainly not my preferred attire. I much rather be  in lounge pants and ready to face anybody. Another reason why it is so important to be in control of one's morning; that's definitely an area of work on my side.


Mozi Esmes Mom said...

I know what you mean about mornings... We're flexible enough that I'll pop in a DVD for my 3yo in the morning if I need to escape to shower dress, but things go SO much better if I've got it out of the way before everyone else is up.

The Chemist said...

I have to get dressed because I go to work before everyone gets up. Of course, I'm in my PJ's right now since I'm off today. Hmmm, I'd better go dress.


Susan from The Homeschool Village said...

I am with you! That morning shower wakes me up and dressing before my little guys are ready for the school day allows me to focus. I am working to make my rise and shine moment earlier so that dressind and quiet time are a sure thing! My little guys seem to follow! Blessings! Susan

melanie said...

Just wanted to say hello! :) I'm hopping over from the HSV. :)

Jennifer said...

I'm working on trying to get up earlier so it's easier for me to be ready and prepared for the day too! You're definitely not alone on that!


monique said...

I usually lounge around the house in a dress, my son will either be in pj's, a shirt and pull up, or just his pull up. I love that with homeschooling it gives my son the freedom to be comfortable, especially with his sensory issues caused by autism.

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