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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Top Ten Educational Series 1

Here is a rundown of some series that I have enjoyed and made a point of reading and watching with my kids. It is part one because I have more and I will surely find more in the future as my kids get older. These are mainly for K-3 or 4 and are available at the library for the most part.

1. My Path to Math - Math

2. Let's read and Find out Science - Science

3. Brian P. Cleary Books - Math, language and more

4. Murphy Stuart J. Books - Science, Math

5. Planet Earth videos - Science

6. Crabtree Publishing books

7. Jane Shuter Books - History

8.   Visual Education Centre Limited Videos - all subjects

9. What Do We Know About - History

10. Ancient Civilizations - Ancient History

For more Top Ten go over to Oh amanda

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