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Friday, March 4, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

Again, it's been 2 weeks since my last weekly wrap-up.

Last week we had a week off and I am not sure where the week went. The playdates I had hoped to set up did not materialized, so we mainly stayed home and the boys did lots of playing, while I caught up on some reading.

We did start preparing for our coming project fair for which Zach wants to do a presentation on Police (since that is his passion - recurring - at the moment), and for Joho  on boats. We've made up a prospective plan of what the board will look like, and Zach has been reading practically all the books we picked up from the library on the subject.  Now to actually work on it  . . .  Joho has been reading on his topic as well. We still need to pick out a model boat(s) to make.

This week we started back on Monday, then we had a playdate on Tuesday and the rest of the week kind of went by.

Wednesday it seems that Zach spent the whole day doing 4 pages of Math (nothing to do with ability but with diligence). The fact that his violin lesson happens to be at 12:00 am really does not help as well.

The boys have really been into so much lately, that I have to actually do something about it. They've actually discovered Ninjas and Kingdoms Lego which are being added to their obsessions. I don't know I can handle all of this . . . Zach actually picked up a chapter book at the library yesterday  on Knight's Kingdom and read the whole thing straight. That rarely happens. he usually reads a chapter at a time, or demands for the audiobook.

So in recap, what did we accomplish?  3 lessons in Math, and 3 lessons in English, some reading for our TOG week 15, which covers the conquest of the land under Joshua and a study of the Canaanites, and we also did a couple of lessons in our new handwriting book : A Reason for Handwriting B.

Joho on his part has been doing ok, keeping up with his Phonic book, Math (Jump at Home) and  Handwriting ( A Reason for Handwriting A).

We all need to refocus and get back into the flow of things.

On the positive side, I have purchase the audiobook The Story of The World by Susan Wise Bauer, and the boys have been enjoying listening to it. It is a really nice addition to our History.

That's it for our wrap-up. For more weekly wrap-up make sure to head over to Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.



Phyllis said...

My youngest two love too and I also have mixed feelings aobut it. Hope next week goes better for you.

Kathleen said...

Loved hearing about the projects on police and boats! Sounds like they will be a lot of fun and that they will be a great learning tool!

One of my boys is Lego obsessed too - all things Lego:, books, Lego video games, Legos themselves. I'd actually much rather he be obsessed with Legos than anything else as they teach him so much. He'll be an engineer someday, I'm convinced! :-)

2 Little Hearts @ Homeschool said...

A week of reading it sounds lovely.

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