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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ABC of Homeschooling - E for . . .

ABCs of Homeschooling
My word this week is Energy. Why? Because I have boys and they've got plenty of it.

Any mom that has boys, will tell you that having boys is like having a ball of energy on your hands.

I have been told times and times again that, when homeschooling boys, one needs to find ways of burning their energy or it will be very difficult to get things accomplished. Unfortunately, I do not always follow that advice and I find myself saying all day long "calm down", "stop jumping", "stop climbing over that", Can you please sit" and the likes.

As spring is going along, and the sun becomes more of a constant around here, I have started taking the boys out, and it has shown itself  to be a beneficial enterprise. Everyone is happier.

Friends have told me, when doing school subjects, like Math for example, to have the boys recite their tables doing jumping jacks or to have them act out history events. The idea is to find ways to channel the energy by studying the topic i ways that allow them to move . The information is likely to get into their mind and brain better that way. Unfortunately that will not work for Handwriting. Even when reading for them, I have heard  that to have the boys do something with their hands while listening, can help them focus. Sometimes that works for us, sometime not. I guess I am still looking for that right thing for them to be doing while listening.

On another angle on energy, I NEED ENERGY to keep up with the boys. Energy to counter-blance theirs. Energy to stay on top of their ever ending ideas and experimentations. Energy to stay ahead of them.

For me coffee is a must (as some moms have mentioned in previous letters of the ABC's of Homeschooling). Other sources for me are my down times,  which I make sure I have in the evenings, as well as playdates, when I get to relax with other moms. Above all, my main energy boosters are my 7-8 hours of sleep and the grace that God grants me each day, as I watch my kids expanding and using their energy day after day.

I do have to  add the word Exhausted to this week's, as it's very closely related to energy, and as it is how I am feeling at the moment.


Naomi said...

Yes! Boys must get that energy out! What I find is that DS has the energy while I am exhausted...

Eileen said...

Yes - boys have lots of energy! I have three of them. My college son still remembers the library book I read him when he was little called "Sit Still, Sam." Good post!

Dawn @ 5 Kids and a Dog said...

Oh BOY do boys have energy! You missed a phrase though, "Please use an inside voice". I don't know about yours, but my boys are loud AND active! And yes, I end up exhausted too. :) Thanks for linking up!

joelle said...

I certainly did. I usually "Please, do not shout", or "Stop speaking so loudly!".

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