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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Things my boys can do to kill boredom

I do not know about most of you but every so often I hear my boys say : "I do not know what to do?" or "I'm bored".

In the past I have seen the idea of putting up a list of things the kids can go to when these times arise. I finally came around to draw up one that does not involve tv shows or computer:

  • Read books

  • Listen to an audiobook

  • Play with lego

  • Play with blocks

  • Play with construction toys

  • play card games

  • Play board games

  • Play Battleship

  • Play Chess

  • Bake with mommy

  • Act out a story

  • Play soldiers

  • Play Bears Alive (that's a show they created with their stuff animals)

  • Play bowling

  • Play fort

  • Play pirates

  • Play with their train set

  • Draw something

  • Do a craft

  • Make up a story and videotape yourself

  • Practice your violin

  • Listen to some French

  • Watch an educational video

  • Do a puzzle

  • Make up a game

  • Do a science experiment

  • Read your bible

  • Play with action figures

  • Play Wii

  • Play catch with your brother

  • Paint

  • Clean your bedroom

  • Play with your letter tiles

  • Exercise

  • Do dishes for mommy

  • Dust around the house

Any more suggestions?




1 comment:

Joy said...

That is a great list! If you don't mind, could I use some of your suggestions? My kids say they are bored at least once a day! LOL

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