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Monday, September 5, 2011

Griddly Games Review

We love games at our house and my youngest is really a game lover. As a homeschooler I think that games are such a great way to sneak in so many educational lessons and reviews. So that said, I was very thrilled when I saw that my first review item for the TOS would be a game.


The one I received is called Nature Nuts and is put out by Griddly Games.

So, what is Griddly Games? It is a company that creates board games for the whole family to enjoy, at the same time encouraging laughter, learning and social interaction.

I will say that as we played the game we experienced all of of that.

The company has put out 5 different games in order to fulfill that goal:

Griddly Headz: strategy games that have sports themes in baseball, hockey, and NASCAR racing; Wise Alec trivia game: teacher-approved and based on grade school curricula. With now Wise Alec on the road with three new travel sets: WiseAlec: Civilize This!, Wise Alec: Nature Nuts, and Wise Alec: Sports Buffs; Chronicles of the Mind: the storytelling ice breaking party game; Words of the Wise : the mind-bending brainteaser game that turns your ABCs on its head; Oversight: Abstract strategy games

The one I received was the on the road Wise Alec: Nature Nuts.


Nature Nuts is a game that contains 300 questions to test your knowledge of animals, plants, and the Earth. Two levels of questions on each card let everyone from the nature novice to the expert play together. The bonus of this game, which my kids absolutely love, is the Wise Alec™ cards which has you doing tongue twisters, brain teasers, and fun exercises!

The game is sold at different locations and you can find a list of these places on their website here. The retail price ranges between $14.99- $18.99.

Our opinion:

We all loved playing the game. It is fun and very educational. We all have learned so much about plants, animals, and the earth.

The website says that the game is for ages 8+  but both my 7 year old and 5 year old were able to play and enjoy it. I was surprised to see that both of them knew a few of the answers, with my oldest knowing more. This game came at a good time as we are studying biology this year, so lots of questions are things we are in the process of covering, so it has been a  very nice addition to our science. Also if they did not know the answer right away, but I thought they could figure it out, we would give them hints  and clues.

The way it works is that you throw a dice which has 6 colors on it. Each color corresponds to a topic: red: animal; green: plants; yellow: earth; blue: you get to pick; orange: the next player gets to pick; purple is the Wise Alec card which contains tongue twisters, brain teasers and fun exercises to do .  Each question is worth a certain amount of point ranging from 3-7. For some of the cards you can pick how many points you want to be quizzed for.   The winner is the one who reaches the preset amount of points agreed on at the beginning of the game; or the one who has the most point at the end of a preset playing time. ( You can find the rules to the game on the website as well.)


The game is very adaptable. You can set the amount of points needed to win at whichever level you want. In our case, when we first started playing, we staggered the points. For example mom and dad needed 50 and the boys needed 25. Later on we changed it to dad being the quizzer and mom needing 30, and the boys 20.

Depending on how long you want to play you can set the amount needed higher or lower.

As I mentioned before, the boys loved the Wise Alec cards; that's really their favorite part. They loved the tongue twisters and making funny things such as making an impression of a monkey, walking like a penguin, doing push-ups and making animal noises. For some reason I kept getting minus points Wise Alec cards, but that's ok. That allowed them to win a number of times, especially since I did not know the answers to quite a few of the questions (sad to say).

This is Joho reading the tongue twister.


This game, being meant to be a travel game, is very easy to transport. All 200 cards and the dice are contained in a very reasonable size box, making it easy to carry along. We will definitely take this on our next road trip. It is also meant to be an add-on to the original Wise Alec board game.

To recap I would say that this is a very engaging fun game that could benefit any type of learner. Even my oldest who is not a game person enjoyed playing Nature Nuts and actually asked to play it.  You have to make sure to adjust the rules for younger ones, so as to allow them a chance to get points, but that is very easily done.

This game can be used to learn facts or to review, and make sure they do not get forgotten.

My only complaint about the game is that I wish there were answers for the brain teaser questions, but I guess any encyclopedia would have the answers.

I am very tempted to go buy the rest of the games in the series . . .


Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. I received this product free in exchange for a review.



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Tajuana said...

Sailing by from the crew. Sounds like a cool game to play. Your cuties look like they were enjoying themselves.

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