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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

Our school days have been running less effectively as I would have wish but that is all due to me not waking up early enough and not being as firm as I should.

However we are making it through our 3 Rs:

  • First Language lessons is coming along. we are at lesson 11.

  • Writing with ease is coming along as well. We did not get to finish week 3 yet, but tomorrow is going to be a school day and I see that I will have to be doing some catch up during our week off scheduled for the week after next.

  • Grammar island is coming along as well. I find that the kids are not remember the material as well as I was hoping but I guess that's why following the book is 100 sentences in practice island for practice. That is where the retaining will happen. i also need to make up some posters for reminders.

  • In math they have been using Time 4 learning (review item) exclusively as we only one month subscription and I wanted to make the most of it. The boys have covered money, operations, shapes quiet extensively. Once the subscription is over I will be picking up from there. This week I also spent sometime teaching Joho addition with remaining as he was getting quiet confused.

  • In History last week we covered the Rise of Islam. Beside pretending to be a Muslim and fighting in their  army, Zach was not too impressed with the whole idea . . . Every time we study a new civilization he pretends to be part of their army.  He really is having a hard time with Medieval Time History though.  This week we did The Vikings and as usual Zach has been devouring Vikings books. We also started to learn about medieval life, feudalism and knights.

Muslim soldier:

    Coat of armor:  Joho's is red for fierceness in battle and blue for strength and loyalty, with a bear standing for fierce protector, Zach's is purple for justice and loyalty, with a bear standing for courageous:



  • We were able to do some handwriting as well.

The subjects that have suffered from my lack of diligence have been Latin, French, Science and Music appreciation. Violin lessons have started back this month with a new teacher that we tried out in July.

A part from school, we had a day out at a friend's place for labour day where the boys enjoyed some pool time in a not so hot weather. We went to the splash pad today as well.




I also have been having some issues with my stomach which led me to a doctor's visit last week and an ultrasound this week. I am still awaiting the result and praying for nothing too serious.


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