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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

This is week 7 and I am already playing a bit of catch-up. That said, here is what we did this week:

  • 3 lessons in First Language lessons (adverbs) with Zach and 3 with Joho

  • did our Grammar Island practice - the boys are catching on -

  • did some catching up in Writing with Ease. I find it really hard to fit WWE in the day but I like it so, even though I may have to skip some, I will persevere.

  • I am continuing reviewing Math concepts with Zach and working on bringing Joho to Zach's level. We are kind of stuck at subtracting with regouping. We did tackled Roman Numerals though with both both.

  • We wrapped up our studies of the crusades and are gearing up for Marco Polo and the Mongols next week.

  • did handwriting practice

  • practice some spelling with Joho as well as reading with a new TOS review product which is below his level but will still be good to cement his phonics.

  • did a chapter in science on plants and an experiment that Zach came up with.

Last Saturday we had the opportunity to visit a recycling center close to our home. Zach really enjoyed the short succinct visit.

In the midst of these were a few events this week. First off was Jojo's 6th birthday. He had 2 small parties, one last week Saturday, at a friend's place and one on Tuesday (his actual birthday date) at our place.

Chocolate Bomb cake (cake with strawberries and chocolate mousse inside)

Chocolate cupcake with mouse inside and as icing.

Thursday, marked the beginning of our 7 week long fall electives and the boys had a great time in their classes. Now that Jojo is 6 he got to be with the bigger kids 9which he had been waiting for). It also so happened that they both were in the same classes. they enjoyed their chess class (Jojo even got a little prize - a medal - for answering a question right), they also had Gym and science experiment which they enjoyed as well.


Mary said...

Wow- the cake looks awesome! Regarding WWE, I bought mine months ago, but we are only on week 2. I have vowed to be more diligent with it :)

Lexi said...

How is Grammar Island going? Have you reviewed it? It looks so interesting, yet so overwhelming at the same time! And the cake looks yummy! I love chocolate...........

joelle said...

No I have not reviewed it. This is our first year trying it and I like it. I thought the textbook was going fast but the practice island workbook helps to cement it all in.

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