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Friday, June 22, 2012

Wrap-up Time

The year is winding down and everything is slow these days. Here is our wrap-up for the past few weeks:
  • I have been dragging to try to finish up our Grammar curriclum. 
  • We still have a 3 weeks of Tapestry to complete. I have been combining  some the weeks of unit 4 as they are closely related.
  • We did fisnish the animal study from Elemental Science phew! Now Zach wants to move on to plants first before the human body. 
  • Math is not a problem, as with MOTL you go at your own pace, no constraint of a work book (which is what I LOVE about this curriculum).  We've accomplished a lot this year: multiplications with more than 1 digits, addition and subtraction with remaining and regrouping, fraction (adding and subtracting with different denominators), telling time is down, problem solving is good; tackled some geometry basics, adding and subtracting decimals, counting money.
Right now the boys are involved in a weekly soccer problem with our homeschool group, up to the end of June. We also participated in our annual Ontario Homeschool Track and Field day this past Monday. Joho was  sick but still managed to get himself a bronze medal (pale comparison for him to his gold medal from last year, but the whole family has been struggling with sickness these past few weeks). On our way home, we stopped at the zoo to see the new white lions.

(The sick boy not in the mood for nice smile)

Tomorrow, both boys will be playing in the end of year recital at their music school. We will also be going strawberry picking, Zach's favourite fruit on the planet.

 I am planning on continuing school over the summer for a few reasons:
  • The schoolhouse review crew is still running, and I have a few products that the boys will have to work on.
  • We will be away on vacation in October, so that month will be off school.
  • My brother is going to be visiting from oversea in September, and so I am not sure how much school is going to be covered that month.
So the plan for the summer is as follow:
  • Work on the review products
  • VBS
  • Church camp
  • Trip to the Zoo
  • Trip to the Strong Museum in Rochester NY
  • Playdates
  • Picnics in the park
  • Bowling trips
  • Fly a kite
As for me, planning for next year is in full swing. I am eagerly awaiting the new planners from the Old Schoolhouse, which promises to be amazing. I've also got lots of book I am reading right now.

Before closing let me share a few of what the boys enjoyed recently:

Washington the Warrior DVD from the History Channel

Sam the Minuteman by nathaniel Benchley

George Vs George by Rosalyn Schanzer

Struggle for a Continent by Maestro Betsy

And Then What happened, Paul Revere? by Jean Fritz

For more weekly wrap-up don't forget to check Weird Unsocialed Homeschoolers.


Lisa said...

Your summer plans sound wonderful! Thanks so much for the list of the books that your children enjoyed. I am going to check those out for my kiddos! :-)
Congrats to your son on getting the bronze medal while not even feeling well--that's quite an accomplishment. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your kind comments! Have a great weekend. Many blessings, Lisa

Stefanie said...

That is my plan this year too. But we didn't do a thing this week. LOL We'll never get fifth grade math and grammar finished at this rate.

Patty @ Coming Up Roses said...

Our summer is pretty much the same here! Although I don't stress about finishing up workbooks, I don't want to lose any of the learning we did in the year. If you like planners, check the one I created this year - I'll be posting it on Wednesday of next week!

Annie Kate said...

I like your summer plans. We're just finishing up the year, and I'm just starting to think about summer. First we just want time off for a week or two.

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