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Thursday, August 2, 2012

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School room? What school room? 

We have always lived in 2 bedroom apartments so there is no room for a school room per se.  Our school room is mainly the dining room and the living room. We utilize the dining table, the sofa and the dining floor. We do most of our written work at the table, such as handwriting (one needs proper posture), some Math and Grammar work. Lots of our hands-on work, when it happens, like TOG map work or Math manipulative are done on the floor. The boys often like to do some of their independent work on the floor as well.

The sofa is our prime place for TOG and LA readings as well as any kind of read-alouds.

The floor is prime spot for a lot of our science along with the kitchen, of course.

When it comes to homeschooling supplies and materials, boards posters etc..., the living room is where they sit. That way it's easy access during school time and in front of them at meal time.

The library books have their home in the hallway between their bedroom and the living room, easy access from both spots. Though you often find them lying on the sofa or on the coffee table.

What do I keep in our school area?
  • Curricula we are currently using
  • Dictionaries
  • Dry-erase boards
  • Manipulative
  • School supplies such as pens, crayons, markers, stapler, ruler, erasers, scissors, etc..
  • Lots of glue and different kinds too.
  • Manilla folders
  • Sheet protectors
  • Magnifying glass
  • Post-it
  • Paper
  • Posters on all sort of school related topics, as wall space allows.
  • My home binder
As a matter of fact we are crossing the border today, on other business, and taking that chance to go supply shopping.

** Update **

I have rearranged the shelves of our schoolroom and here are the final results:

1.  This is where I keep the everyday school supplies, manipulative and the curriculum we are currently using,

2. This is where I keep dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlas and the likes as well as chapter books I want the boys to read (in the basket).

3. This is where I keep my books (top shelf), some of the boys' books, and art supplies.

   4. This where I keep the library books and music stuff:

5. Here is where I post posters of things I want the boys to remember or reference stuff.

6. Here you have the boards I use to teach. I have a few others hidden behind the table that I give the boys to use.

That's our homeschool space!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! :-)

Stefanie said...

Have fun shopping and thanks for sharing your space. lol

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