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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Yes, We Are Schooling

I know it has been ages since I wrote anything about what is happening at our house. I hope you have been enjoying my reviews from TOS, and have found some helpful info on homeschool resources out there.

Our life here has been going business as usual, it is just that I have not been taking the time to come here, and update everything that has been going. I find that time goes by so quickly, and to be franc, my writing and sharing impulses have been lacking.

Anyway that said, I just thought, for my own records, it would be a good idea to document what we have been up to in the past couple of months.

I guess I will go month by month, starting with August since my last wrap-up was at the end of July.

Summer was marked by some schooling and some outing. In August the major one was our 4-day long church family camp. The boys really enjoy camping. Us, the parents, only started venturing into this camping thing since we joined our new church 2 years ago,and are still developing a liking to it, myself, faster than hubby. The time at camp is too busy for pictures, so I do not have any to share. However suffice to say we had a great time.

We also did some nature walk:

We also did a lot of this this summer:

September, along with school days, was marked by my brother's visit into town from Martinique. We all had fun enjoying his company and going places with him. This included a trip to Ottawa (especially the museum of Civilization), Marineland, the Zoo, and the Science Center.

On the school front, we managed to fit in:
  • More or less 6 weeks work of TOG material, which covered Napoleon and the first 4 US presidencies, touching on Lewis and Clark. Zach has really, as expected, been enjoying our History studies, especially the War of 1812, and learning about presidents and how it all works
  • Review products such as  FamilyTime Fitness,  Spelling City,  Math Made Easy,  ZooWhiz and Samson's Classroom (review still to come), which covered a lot of our Math and Language Arts work.  I did do some teaching of Division (simple with Joho and long with Zach) as well.
  • Handwriting work. Cursive is really working out well for Zach, So Happy about that!
  • Did some French
  • Completed the first 3 level analysis in Grammar Town. The plan was to finish the book before we go on our vacation next week, but we just were not able to do it. The Material in Grammar Town is really a step up from Grammar Island, especially when dealing with phrases. I an really glad for First Language Lessons to which I can refer to to make connections for Zach. This week we tackled topics such as gerund and infinitive, and I realized I need to do more work on tenses with the boys.

At the end of September we had a field trip with our homeschooling group to a canadian pioneer village in the neighbouring town, and did a blacksmith hand-on activity:

Lastly, Thursday this week was Joho's 7th birthday. We praise the Lord for his sustaining grace and blessings upon his life!

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