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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Grace and Truth Books- TOS Review

One of our last products on the review crew this year came from Grace and Truth Books. We were given a choice of one the many books that they carry, and I picked one for parents untitled: Your Child's Profession of Faith. I am very glad I did. This has been a very delightful and encouraging reading, as I was enjoying our family vacation this past month.

What is Grace and Truth Books?

Grace and Truth Books is an online Christian bookstore that strive to provide quality Christian books. Any Christian who is serious about his Christianity must have noticed that it is  has become harder and harder to find good quality Christian books in so called "christian bookstores", Grace and Truth Books has endeavored to correct that by gathering in their online bookstore Christian books that " . . . will glorify God, strengthen His people in their walk, and call all peoples to find joy in knowing His gospel and following Him."

Grace and Truth is a family owned business by Dennis & Naomi Gundersen and their 4 boys.

At Grace and Truth you will find books for children, men, women, family, theology, History, Biography, education, and even Music and audiobooks.

Your Child's Profession of Faith was written by the very owner of Grace and Truth, Books Dennis Gundersen, and is an inspiring, yet at the same time warning book, on how to handle children's profession of faith.

The book is about 119 pages long, and contains 9 easy to read chapters and a few appendixes:
  • Putting the Issue on the Table
  • A Parent's Greatest Concern
  • The Changeableness and Instability of Children
  • The Likelihood of Deception in Children
  • Childhood: A Time for Patient Cultivation
  • The Manifestations of Faith
  • When Your Child is Ready for Baptism
  • Some Concluding Counsels.
  • Helpful Suggested Questions for Pastoral Interviews with Children about Baptism
  • Common Questions Parents May Ask Regarding the Baptism of their Children
  • Excerpts from Andrew Murray
  • Recommended Additional Reading
The core message of the book is to warn us against making harried decisions into baptizing our children just because they have made a profession of faith, or because they seem to be Christian. The author balances his claims by reminding its audience again and again throughout the books that he is not dismissing or denying that young kids can have true profession of faith, but just because that is the case we still need to be careful about how we tackle these.

I think he does a very good job at showing why children's outward profession of faith can be misleading, premature or immature, due to the nature and character of a child,  and thus why caution is necessary. Similarly, the author does a great job in reminding us, parents, of our role as parents to seeks to point our kids to Christ and to the Gospel, namely through our example in words and deeds, and our insistence on teaching them obedience, which is a great way to lead them to the realization of their need of Christ.

His pastoral perspective from being a pastor himself is very refreshing throughout the book, and gives the book a very gentle tone.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who is serious about leading their children to Christ while seeking to avoid giving them false assurance. It would be beneficial to any church member involved in children's ministry as well. Your Child's Profession of Faith is a well-balanced and biblical  book, written from a reformed perspective, full of truths to ponder on the topic of leading our kids to Christ and children's baptism.

You can get a digital copy for $5.50 or a paperback copy for $7:50.


Disclaimer:  I was offered a free copy of Your Child's Profession of Faith, in exchange for an honest review of Grace and Truth Ministries and the book I received. All opinions expressed are my own.


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