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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Collage Friday and Homeschool Mother Journal

Homegrown Learners  

It's been three weeks since my last weekly wrap-up. Time flies. It's not that we have been super busy but more mom being lazy to sit down and write it up.

In our homeschool . . .

We have been trodding along in all our subjects:
  • Handwriting: they are both getting to the end of their handwriting books which means it's time to order new ones. I am thinking of starting Joho on cursive since I have seen how it has helped improve Zach's handwriting. I really like Handwriting without Tears.
  • Math: We are still working on divisions and fractions with Joho and fractions, and decimals with Zach along with reviews. Zach got to work on graph and probability with A+ Tutorsoft which I just reviewed for the crew.
  • History : we started our study of the Civil War and Zach is really excited about it. We started making a lapbook. Hopefully I'll get to blog about.
  • French is going along slowly.
  • Spelling is still going strong thanks to the Logic of English, of which I will post a review soon.
  • Joho has been working on a writing curriculum which I am reviewing for the crew as well : Essentials in Writing. Look out for it next week.
  • Science: we finished our study of the weather. 

Places we are going . . .

2 weeks ago we got to go to the Zoo for our winter trip. Since we have a membership we try to visit at least once every season. Unfortunately it was cold but we still enjoyed watching the animals.

That same week we had a Sunday School outing tobogganing.

This week was our last week of volleyball. The boys enjoyed the 7-week sessions, but I am glad for the pause in the weekly drive. Electives is to start in another 3 weeks, then  5 weeks of soccer.

We also got to watch Superman Returns at our library which none of us really enjoyed. What happened to Christopher Reeves?

My favorite thing recently . . .

A couple of weeks ago. we had family day here in Canada and decided to watch Pride and Prejudice - the 6 hour mini series - Of course Joho found it boring, but Zach actually enjoyed some parts of it - I think the way they spoke and the ironies. The parents certainly enjoyed it.

What we are reading . . .

I am still working my way through Think Christianly.

The boys are doing various reading at the moment, plus listening to The Hobbit and A-Z mysteries audios.

What I am cooking:

A few weeks ago I did an experiment: Red Lentils Burgers. It turned out quite good. The kids had no complaints at all. Then with the leftover I made a frittata which was good too.

Something to share . . .


Stefanie said...

We have a love/hate relationship with studying the Civil War. We found it fascinating and horrifying and we bawled like babies. Especially when we read Lincoln A Photobiography

Phyllis said...

You always have such busy weeks! You accomplish so much. I wondered what it would be like to visit a zoo in the winter. We are in the middle of a study of zoos. I don't comment much, but I do enjoy dropping by and seeing what you all are up to.

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