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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

2013-2014 Curriculum Choices

It is that time of year, time to lay down the choices and decisions made about what to use for school in the coming year. So, here are my plans for my 2 boys, Zach in Grade 5 and Joho in grade 3:


We will continue to use Math on the Level as our main Math curriculum, and keep adding whatever I find on the web or get to review as supplements.

Language Arts:

Zach:  Daily Grammar.

Joho: This year I am trying something new with him: Simply Grammar. This is a Charlotte Mason grammar curriculum, which gentle approach yet rigourous, I am hoping will work for him.

Both:  We will also continue spelling with The Logic of English, which we enjoyed this year,  while adding Spelling Wisdom to the mix.


Handwriting Without Tears: the new recently released grade 2 for Johann which includes some cursive, and Grade 5 for Zach. I love their approach to handwriting and I can testify of how it really helped improve Zach's handwriting.

History and Geography:

Year 4 of Tapestry of Grace: 20th Century. This covers literature as well.

With Joho, who does not like History much I will try Around the World One Country at a Time, which I found on Currclick for free.

Foreign Language:

Latin:  Latina Christina, which still has not been completed. Hopefully this year is the year.

French:  First Start French.


Exploration Education. This is a may be.


Bible Road Trip: a 3 year chronological study of the Bible starting @ Genesis all the way to Revelation. Its main component is the reading of the Bible, and it is accompanied by Bible memorization and notebooking, mixed in with some optional hands-on activities.


Story Book Artist Unit Study which I stumbled across a few weeks ago as a free download, and thought might be a good way to hopefully include art in our daily routine.


Philosophy for Kids
Orbiting with Logic


Kid Coder for Kids from Homeschool programming which we are in the mids of reviewing and which Zach is liking.

I have dropped the ball on memorization work, so I am hoping to pick that up again next year. I am actually going to start with that during the summer, as there will be more time to give to it.

We will also continue doing read aloud and music lessons (piano for Joho and Violin for Zach).

There you have it!


Mary said...

Yay for TOG! We will be doing Year 4 too. Also, I am considering some activities from Bible Road Trip. Looks like a great lineup!

Annie Kate said...

Sounds like you'll have a good learning year!

I'm adding your blog to my Pinterest board of Canadian blogs. I'm glad I found you!

Dawn said...

It sounds like you all have great plans. I really would like to look into TOG someday. Do you find it overwhelming at times?
Blessings, Dawn

Joelle A. said...

Yes Dawn, at times it an be overwhelming but I just keep reminding myself of the fact that it is a buffet and I pick and choose which parts to make sure get done. At the higher levels it might get a bit trickier but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

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