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Friday, January 24, 2014

5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials - The Extra

For this last day of the 5 days of  Homeschooling Essentials,  I want to look at these aspects that you may be able to function without, but really makes homeschooling harder when they are not present.. Sometimes circumstances prevent you from possessing these things but I still consider them essentials.
5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials

Dad's involvement: If you are married and homeschooling I surely hope that your spouse is on board, because if he is not, this journey just became harder (If it has not already been). If he is on board, making sure he is involved in the homeschooling process is also a great help. Make sure you share the joys and difficulties, the challenges, the successes. If at all possible, have him be involved in some part of it. For us it means read-alouds and family Bible reading times, and in the summer, sports.

Extra supplies:
  • Mobile devices such as e-reader or able to have apps
  • Staplers
  • Loyalty cards to supply and bookstores for savings.
  • Velcro and magnet stuff
  • Timer
  • Permanent markers for projects
  • sheet protectors
  • File folders for lapbooks or mini-office.
  • Cork boards to hang all of those things you want to have ready available.
Extra-Curricula activities:  I kept this for this last day, because I believe that there is a place in homeschooling for extra-curricula but we have to make sure we give it its proper place, that is, not the number one thing to be seeking after. Both my boys are taking music lessons, but only because it is doable within our means and time. I wish they were involved in sports too, but we can't do both, so we had to make a choice. We also participate in electives twice a year for a total of 14 weeks, and I think these weeks spent with other homeschooling kids and parents are an essential part of the whole homeschooling journey. That said, if it was to get to much or we could not afford it, it would have to go. Basically what I am saying is that we have to be really wise when looking at adding extra-curricula activities to our homeschool.

Support groups or homeschooling friends:  Some people carry on homeschooling without any support system but I truly wonder how they do it. I can't imagine not knowing anyone who homeschools and not being able to share with other homeschoolers about struggles of the journey, as much as gleaning from other homeschoolers valuable advice. These are extremely valuable and help you carry on.

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