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Virtual Curriculum Fair - Playing with Words

January has rolled in and it is time for the annual Virtual Curriculum Fair hosted by Susan over @ Homeschooling Heart and Mind.

As usual our first stop is the World of Words. What are we doing this year in the area of spelling, writing, handwriting, reading, grammar and literature?

On the Grammar fron,t in the past couple of year,s I have used Michael Clay Thompson Materials, and have loved it. However, for this year, I decided that I did no want to spend the money on it and wait for next year, when I am looking forward to start my then 6th grader, with Analytical Grammar. I can't say much about it since I have not used it, but have been very much convinced that this is what I want to use moving forward with him.

So, for this year, we are not doing much Grammar. I was blessed last year to receive a yearly membership of IXL through the TOS Crew and I have been using the Grammar portion with both boys. It covers a wide range of grammar - part of speech, part of sentences, vocabulary, punctuation - so I think it is fitting the need for this year. (You can check my review of this Math and Language program here.)

For Joho, (grade 3) in addition to using IXL, I have purchased Simply Grammar, which I have been pleased with. This is not for everyone. It is old-fashioned and used language that can be a bit difficult to understand. We work on it together, mainly orally, and often time I have to rephrase things for him. That said, what it covers is thorough and pure grammar. We talk about subject, verb, transitive and intransitive, nominative and objective case, and topics like these. This is a good reference book as well. Each lesson contain exercices to practice the concept covered.

Something else my 5th grader is doing this year, is finally going through our Latina Christina. The reason why I mention it here is because while studying Latin a lot of Grammar is covered at the same time. Got to love this program!

On the writing front, we still are not doing much. That said, I am so happy that Zach finally has no
resistance to writing. I was able to get him two pen-pals, and he is very happy to be writing and receiving letter.

I am hoping to start Zach on a writing program this Winter/Spring called Writing & Rhetoric, put out by Classical Academic Press. It looks really appealing to me. Its main appeal is its emphasis on narration, dictation and comprehension which are essential skills to master before engaging in the writing enterprise. It also covers vocabulary, as that is an integral part of comprehension and writing.

On the spelling front, we are still finishing up The Logic of English. I still love this program. I reviewed it last year, so you can see what I have to say about it there. One benefit of it is that it also contains grammar and writing.

On the handwriting front, both the boys are using Handwriting Without Tears and this is working very well for them and for me. I also love how it integrates a tad of grammar and vocabulary into it.

When it comes to literature, we are still at the level of reading. We have not done much literature analysis and study. I am planning to get cracking on this aspect next school year. The boys have been enjoying books from the selection of Tapestry of Grace Literature component as well as other books and audio I get from the library pulled from a variety of classical book lists. I was happy that last year we started back our nightly dad-led read-aloud, which had fallen off the wagon the year before that. They just finished Around the World in 80 days and are getting ready for Pilgrim's Progress. Zach is reading the Lord of the Rings Trilogy these days

A new addition this school year has been the reading of a poem weekly or daily.

That is it for the rundown of the Language Arts side of our homeschooling.

Now grab your cup of coffee and enjoy reading what other moms are doing.not doing or have to say on the topic in general.

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Our Curriculum Choices 2014 ~ English by Renata~Sunnyside Farm Fun

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If you would like to share how you homeschool in regards to the world of words, please sign in the linky below:


I am really going to have to check out CAP! I've heard so many great things about it.
Susan said…
Your sons are still pretty young---there will be plenty of time for literary analysis in the future (my BA is in English). For now, I'd just enjoy good books together. Maybe talk a little about the plot, the setting, and the characters. You will gradually get into deeper things.

Thank you for sharing! :)

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