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Monday, May 12, 2014

The End is Almost Here

Wrapping Up the Homeschool Year
It is May and most homeschoolers are starting to wrap-up their school year. Here at our house, we sort of school year round. This is due mainly to our belonging to the The OldSchoolhouse Review Team. That said, we tend to start new curriculum around August-September which means ending around May/June.

It is that time of the year and we have and are just about finishing up a few of our curriculum for this year:
  • In an attempt to expose the boys to more poetry this year I had planned or us to read a poem daily. We did this using the Oxford Illustrated Books of American Children Poems. We finished the book a couple of weeks ago.
  • We are 4 lessons (which means 4 weeks) away from finishing The Logic of English.
  • Next week we will be finishing Writing and Rhetoric
  • Zach has abut 2-3 lessons left in his Latin Christiana Book I. Although I already have book II, we won't touch it till September.
We still have about 7 weeks of TOG to complete so this will take us till the end of June, so we will keep doing Math, French and science and Logic till then. Once TOG is done, we will stop the other subjects as well. That said, I am still debating whether or not I will have them continue with French doing the summer..
Just because we do some school year round does not mean we do not have vacations. On top of our there and there weeks off during the official school yea,r we also take some full weeks off during the summer.:
  • VBS week at our church (mid-July)
  • Camp week with our church as well (Mid- August)
  • This year we will be going on Vacation at the end of August, which will be another 2 weeks off)
The rest of the summer, that is from the end of the official curriculum to the start of the official new year (usually June/July to August), we will only be doing new review items, lots of reading and may be few science experiments.

On my part the wrapping up of the school year is exciting as I get all jolly about planning the next school year. I am eagerly expecting a copy of the Hey Mama Schoolhouse Planner to get started. I am looking forward to started Tapestry of Grace Year one in the fall and getting to planning it.


Anonymous said...

we also school all year really ... although we do tend to cover the curriculum part more during the traditional school year
great post !

Nelleke from P.E.I. said...

I'm another all-year homeschooler, though we're just getting started. (My oldest will be starting grade one in the Fall.) It makes so much sense for us now...we have a different focus in the summer than we do during the colder part of the year, and we don't lose ground on reading or math.

Leanne Seel, CA said...

We also do some "school" in the summer - on a reduced basis when it's raining or we don't have anything else going on. I find it takes the pressure off during the rest of the year and just gives us more flexibility overall.

Lisa Marie said...

I'm a "whenever I feel like it" schooler LOL. I'm trying to put us on a March - December schedule to co-incide with my hubby's seasonal work. Then for December-February do "less" schooling, but still learning.

Enjoy your summer fun! :D

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