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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

O Canada It's Time For school - All About Learning Press Giveaway!

Still thinking about what to use for spelling or reading during the upcoming new school year. Hold off and enter this giveaway.

All About Learning Press offers exceptional reading and spelling instruction through their curriculum All About Spelling and All About Reading. Their approach caters to all sorts of learning styles, visual, auditory or kinesthetic. They pride themselves in that they really help you take the struggle out of Spelling and Reading.

I would encourage you to check it out and come back and enter this giveaway. It will be going on till the 22nd of July, so do not wait!

You could win YOUR CHOICE level from either All About Reading or All About Spelling, PLUS and Interactive KIT, a total value of $150. 

The giveaway will run from JULY 16-22 and is opened to Canadians and Americans. The winner will be announced on July 26th.

How to Enter the Giveaway

  1. Sign in to the giveaway widget with your name and email. This is the only way to be officially entered into the giveaway!
  2. You will see a list of tasks with big green buttons next to them. Each task has a point value.
  3. Click on the ones you want to complete, and follow the instructions. Please note that it is not enough to just click the green buttons; you must also complete the task to earn the points.
  4. The more tasks you complete, the more times your name goes in the hat to increase your chances of winning.


Sarah Avila said...

We love All About Learning Press and I'm ready to start my youngest daughter on this curriculum.

tchomemom said...

I would love to win a level of All About Spelling. My rising 9th grader is finally getting sounds and spelling!

kilah Asomba said...

I would love to win this! I have a 5 year old and a newborn (3 weeks old). It would definitely be well used in our household.

Sarah said...

I Have been wanting to try All About Spelling. I have a child who I believe will benefit from there style. We have tried several other programs on the fly but when really researching I believe this is the right fit! Fingers Crossed :)

Anonymous said...

I have not seen this series yet, and would love to sample a level. They sound wonderful!

Kristy said...

We just found out that my son is dyslexic. All About Spelling and All About Reading were recommended to us. We are going to be using them this year. I'm so excited!

Pamela said...

We've tried different reading curriculum with my daughter and she's still struggling. Hoping AAR could help us with this.

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