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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Student Logbook - TOS Review

I have always struggled with planning and keeping a schedule. My youngest son, on the other end, thrives on schedules and check marks. So, that is why I was more than happy to try a new system for his school organization that catered to his bent. 

Here comes My Student Logbook. My Student Logbook is a student planner of a kind, put together by a homeschool mom to help her and her kids keep on track of what needed to be done in their homeschooling. She talks about accountability and peace in the home. She then created her product which she sells at My Student Logbook. You can read her story on her website.

So what is My Student Logbook? It is a fold-over logbook where you list all of the tasks, topics, subjects that you want your child to do, and then he/she proceeds to mark them off as he completes them. The genius of it is that as you move along in the weeks, all you have to do each week is flip the page, and you can replace the list page very easily as well by folding over a new one on the week page you are starting it on.

The author offers My Student Logbook in different formats and different covers:

Sample covers
****Printed dated or printed undated. These can be purchased in 9 different cover options.
  • 2015 Dated ($15)
  • 2014 – 2015 Dated ($15)
  •  Undated ($15)

****Instant Download dated.
  • 2015 Calendar Year Single Use License ($10)
  • 2015 Calendar Year Family Use License ($20)
  • 2014 – 2015 School Year Single Use License ($10)
  • 2014 – 2015 School Year Family Use License ($20)
My Student Logbook can be used by anybody from Grade 2 to adult.

We received the PDF dated version of my Student Logbook for review and I used it with my 4th grader (8 years old).

 How did we use this?

The PDF comes in two PDF files. One explains the setting up and has all the extra sheets. The other file has all the dated pages for you to print.
First off I read all the instructions and then printed the required pages for our logbook. Next I put it together as explained on the files and as shown on the video on their website. The only difference being that, because I was going to put it on a wall, I only printed one week to start off. Next I wrote down all of the subjects that need to be completed for the whole week, and marked off the days that he does not have to do a particular subject.

It was actually pretty easy to put together. Now, I only made use of the actual dated planner pages as this is the only thing we needed at the moment.

My son is like me and likes to have his planner on the wall, so I did not bother actually making a book. I stuck the logbook page on the wall. Every week I add the next page to fill in the check marks. This is done by printing that week's date page and then slipping it on top of the previous one. It actually slips in right inside/under the topic list.

Everyday, my son goes over to his logbook and sees what he needs to do, and as he completes them he puts a check mark next to it. He genuinely enjoys checking things off.

Among the extra pages you get with the logbook, which I did not make use of yet, are:
  • A cover page
  • An all about me page
  • Prayers and goals page
  • Bible verses memorized pages
  • Books read pages
  • Events, projects, Field trips, presentations, activities
Overall both my son and I like this planner. It is straight forward and easy to use. At first I was a bit annoyed by the presence of Saturday and Sunday since we do not school on those days, and it meant that I had to cross them out. But then, my son decided to do some of his subjects (uncompleted) on Saturdays. So, as it turns out, it is a good thing it is on there.

I also like the flexibility that the planner offers. You can change the list at will, all you have to do is print a new page and put it on top. You also have a column for you to use as you wish, ie. to put time frames, how many days, how many hours etc....Finally, you can also use this organizer for anything else beside school that need to be done by your child.

So, interested in the concept, check My Student Logbook and find out more.

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