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Friday, October 10, 2014

Random 5 on Friday

Friday is on us again. It is Thanksgiving week-end here in Canada, and there is much to be thankful for.
The Pebble Pond
1. Electives have started this week and the boys were happy with their classes: Basketball and Build-it projects for the both of them as well as Finance for Zach and Chess (again) for Joho.

2. Our school is going along slowly but steadily. I am happy to report that there is progress with my middle schooler on the matter of diligence and getting his work done in a timely fashion. Still lots of maturing to do when it comes to precision and attention, but I am counting my blessings and recognize the progress. Thank you Lord!

3. This is what I spend half of my morning today doing, as three library discs got stuck in the machine. I thank the Lord that Joho and I managed to get them out after lots of figuring out.

4.The boys have been enjoying some cool books recently:

5. Joho had a birthday last Saturday. He turned 9. Where did the time go? The boy enjoyed some bowling time with his friends from church (4 of them), and some more back at the house. He was more than happy to get (which he already knew he was getting, since that was his request) the Lego Movie PS3 game, which he cannot wait to start playing once we get the second hand, newly acquired, advanced Christmas gift PS3, hooked up on Monday.

Bonus pic: We woke up at 5:00 am on Wednesday to watch the eclipse. The three of us did not regret it:

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Julie Goyette Billis said...

I can not believe I missed that!!!

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