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Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Homeschooling Mom Wish List for Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and many have started the search for gifts to give to loved ones. If you have a homeschooling friend or relative, here is a short list of gifts that will surely warm her heart and make her very grateful.

*** Of course this list is my personal list,but i have no doubt will work for any homeschooling mom and family.

1.  Gift certificate to a bookstore: Amazon, Chapters/Indigo,

2. Gift certificate to an educational or office store supplies such as Scholar Choice or Mastermind

3. A microscope or a telescope. To be honest, any science kit is always very welcome in a homeschooling home.

4. Book, books, and more books. I personally love encyclopedias. On our wish list right now is this particular set: 

5. A membership to some kind of Museum. Homeschoolers love going to museums, and zoos!

6. Games. Educational or board games are very much loved among homeschoolers. Settlers of Catan is one of our favorites but there are many more options.

7. Bookcases. Homeschoolers are known to own a lot of books and always in search of places to store them.

8. Building kits. Lots of homeschool kids love to build and create. These are wonderful gifts to give a homeschool child.

9. Good old Lego. Lego never goes out of date or flavor. Great choice for kids' creativity and quiet time.

10. Audiobooks and DVDs. My boys love audiobooks. Some ideas are:

  • Jesus Storybook Bible
  • The Penderwicks
  • Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Mr Popper's Penguins
  • The Hobbit
  • the Chronicles of Narnia
  • Lord of the Rings
As for DVDs, science DVDS are great! The boys have also enjoyed What's in The Bible. I could not recommend these enough.

And there you have it,  a list to get you started on your shopping.

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