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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Advent Devotionals - For Those Who are Still Undecided

I am not much of a tradition kind of girl, but around this time of the year I think it is a very good idea to keep our eyes on what really matters: Christmas is about the coming of Christ fulfilling God's promise of sending a Saviour to the world.

To help with that we do what is call "Advent". There is different ways of celebrating and observing Advent, usually in the form of a reflection everyday of the month of December leading up to Christmas.

Today I thought I would share with you a few free resources out there that you could use to help you focus on Christ during this season:

1. John Piper's Advent devotions:
Good News of Great Joy
The Dawning of Undestructable Joy

2. Paul Tripp's Advent Devotion: Advent: The Whole Story

3. Nancy Guthrie: Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

4. Make Him Room by Kristen Oliphant

5. Jesse Tree Advent projects. In the past we have use the appendix at the back of the Book: Disciplines of a Godly Family by The Hughes, but you can find many options on the web.

6. Studying the Birth of Jesus Devotional from Mama's Learning Corner

Of course let us not forget listening to some inspiring Christmas songs. Besides the beloved carols (of which my favorite is Hark the Herald Angels Sing), our favorite song artists are: The Getty's and Sovereign Grace Music

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Kirsten Oliphant said...

Thanks for sharing my Advent Devotional!

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