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Monday, January 19, 2015

Learning About our World and History - VCF Week 3

It's week 3 of the Virtual Curriculum Fair, Susan @ Homeschooling Hearts and Minds and Stacie @ Supper Mommie to the Rescue are hosting this week's theme: Exploring our World: Social Studies and more Science.

What this means is that this week I will be talking to you about what we are using to discover the world around us. For us this has to do with History, Geography, Foreign Language and Worldview.

For History and Geography we are sticking with Tapestry of Grace, We've been using TOG for 5 years now. My oldest is now working at the Dialectic level and my youngest at an Upper Elementary level. We are doing year 1: Ancient History. I find the Dialectic years hard to stay on track with, but I am plowing through. Scheduling is the biggest issue, but I am hoping to get a groove eventually. The boys are enjoying their reading in History and Zach enjoys working on his timeline this year.

Here are a few of my previous posts on what we like about Tapestry of Grace:
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Geography is covered within our History studies.

As far as Foreign Language is concerned, as  French speaker the only language I really would like my kids to learn at the present is French, and this is what I am focusing on. Zach is enjoying working through Duolingo and I am working with Johann through the prototype of a new curriculum called Getting Started with French. He is doing great progress with it, so yes I like it and would recommend it.

When it comes to worldview, we just recently finished praying through the book Windows on the World and now are just going through a book called Guarding the Treasure about how God's people preserved the Word of God, and another one as well called Exploring Grace Together.

Tapestry of Grace has a worldview component woven into the curriculum and we do work through the questions as much as we can as a family discussion time.

In the very near future, I am hoping to start them on a new Catechism put out by the Gospel Coalition called New City Catechism.

I have also wanted to go through Philosophy for Kids with the boys, but have not been able to fit it into the schedule. I am still hoping to get through it eventually. In addition to those we are blessed to be able to enjoy a subscription to Right Now Media (through my husband being a student at Talbot University), which offers a few worldview videos that I could use with the boys. The ones in queue are Dug Deep Down by Joshua Harris and Ultimate Issues by R.C Sproul.

Here it is for our tour. Don't forget to check other homeschooler's posts on the topic.

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