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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Real Life Homeschool: What Really Happens

As part of the real life homeschool blog hop, I would like to share with you our schedule and how it gets, or does not always get followed. 

Monday: Online Math, Life of Fred, Grammar, Writing, Copywork, Science, History, Spelling, French, Bible, Reading and read aloud

Tuesday: Same as Monday except for spelling and read aloud. The science is lighter. In the afternoon Johann has piano lessons.

Wednesday: Same as Tuesday. In the afternoon Zach has violin lessons.

Thursday: we do not school on Thursdays because it is dad's day off ( he is a pastor). Coincidentally it is our co-op day which happens 7 weeks straight in the winter and in the spring. It goes from 12:30 to 3:30 and we do have to drive a good 30 minutes without traffic to get there, to over 1 hour in traffic time. In the winter we also have 7 weeks of volleyball on that day.

Friday: Online Math, Life of Fred, Copywork, science, History, Spelling, French, Bible, Art/Poetry, Reading and read aloud

Just recently Zach joined an ensemble that meets weekly on Fridays, at 10:30.  This has somehow disturbed our Friday schedule but we are going to figure it out somehow as we go along.

Week-end no school.

This is the official schedule, but as the blog hop says, this is real life homeschool, and real life happens. Not all the subjects get done. Many days, I will say, "no spelling", "no read-aloud", "we will do it tomorrow, or Friday" .... Often times something is not printed, and so does not get done. Or sometimes one subject takes us wayyyyyyy longer than it should and I decides to not do some other subjects that day. This is exactly why I school year round, we can catch up anytime.

Real Life Homeschool Blog Hop

Real life homeschool for us means a lot of different things, but there are five mains things that characterize our homeschooling:

Daily Bible reading at breakfast

No set start time

No set end time

Play is allowed during school hours

Trips (field trips or outings) happen anytime in the week, or month. Just this week we were all out in Buffalo celebrating my husband and I 13th anniversary.

Though we have a schedule and try to follow it as best as we can, I have to admit, our homeschool looks like me. I am not a very rigid and schedule and type A person, as a result our homeschool is not either. I am glad I have a type A child that keeps me in line and I am glad I have a laid back child that forces me to be more organized, ready and deliberate. It is a learning experience for all of us involved. No day is the same and I relish those rare days when everything goes smoothly, as set on the schedule.

Monday: Homeschooling my 4th Grader
Tuesday: Homeschooling my 6th Grader
Friday: Real Life Homeschooling and Housekeeping

A Day in Our Homeschool

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