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Monday, April 27, 2015

Scrapbooking Made Easy - A Picaboo Yearbooks Review

Do you like scrapbooking? Or do you have lots of pictures that need organizing? Or, are you craft-challenged but would love to do something nice for your school year end? I've got good news for you.

I am not a very crafty person, so I usually stay away from things like scrapbooking. That said, I was offered a 20-pages online scrapbook yearbook to try from Picaboo Yearbooks. I can tell you that I am glad I tried my hands at it.

Picaboo is a an online or digital scrapbooking company that also offers yearbook options. What a great way to catalogue and gather in one place all of those memories we create as homeshoolers! You could make a yearbook about almost anything: year at a glance, field trips memories, family activities of the year etc...

At first I was a bit at a lost in the process, but I very quickly got the hang of it after watching a few of their tutorials.

First you pick between hardcover or softcover, then you pick how many pages you want your yearbook to be. You can always add sections to your yearbook, but not pages to sections already set. The basic yearbook is 20 pages, if you want more you pay more.

You get to work on it section by section. First the front page, then any other sections that you decide to create. In my case, I only make one major section, since I was not quite sure what I was doing.

Once you've chosen your sections and your pages, you upload your pictures for each section either from your computer, or facebook. You can always switch your pictures around between sections, if you change your mind later. The actual filling of the yearbook is a drag and drop process. Pretty easy, right?

Picaboo offers you a variety of options:
  • Lots of backgrounds to choose from
  • Stickers options
  • Lots of page layouts options, which you can easily change around 
  • Text options
  • You can resize your picture, or zoom them (not much but somewhat)
The checkout process is also very easy and swift, with quick delivery (at least in my case).

I was very happy with my product, and would definitely encourage you to check Picaboo Yearbook out.

How much does it cost, you may ask? A 20 pages - 8 1/2 x 11 yearbook  costs 9.49 USD + shipping. It ships from the US, but it is quite fast.

I have a feeling this is going to be a yearly activity for me now....

Disclaimer: I was offered a free 20-page yearbook free in exchange for my honest opinion.

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