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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A+Interactive Math - TOS Review

Math is a subject that threatens many parents and students alike. Many of us fear not being able to teach ur kids Math and/or that our kids suffer from Learning gaps. I really love it when we get Math curriculum to try on the schoolhouse review crew.

The latest of these is from A+ Interactive  Math. Some got the Family Math Package, others, like me, got the Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan.

A Plus interactive Math is an online Math Curriculum that offers you a full Math Curriculum for grade 1 to 12 as well as an adaptive Placement Test with individualized Lessons Plans.

A + Interactive is online, so you will need a computer with internet access and log ins for each students. We encountered quite a few difficulties logging in at the beginning of the review period, but in the end we found that the program worked best for us using the Internet Explorer browser.

We got to review the Adaptive Placement Test w/Lesson plan.

How does it work?

Your student gets to take a timed test on the different math topics of the grade you choose to test them on. The test consists of a series of questions varying in number from 16 to 20. At the end, a grade is awarded and you are told if you are at grade level or not. In the teacher's log in, you can see what level they tested at in each particular topic.

The questions cover the ranges around the grade selected in order to determine the mastery level.

Once the test has been taken, if you did not pass, the program sets you up on a set of lessons to take on that particular topic.

You can take all the tests on the different subjects and then go through the lessons, or you can take a test and then follow it with the lessons.

The lessons consists of multimedia lessons followed by Q&A type quiz. If you want the child to have more practice you can also have him do extra questions.

How did we use it?
I had both boys take a few of the tests and then had them go the lessons of the ones they did not get a grade level passing score. They worked on it every school day, one lesson at a time.

Our opinion:
The boys did not fancy A + Interactive much. The technical problems we had at the beginning of the review really frustrated them, as they had to retake the test after having lost connection half way through.

The curriculum has a lot of great wonderful features though:
  • It is interactive.
  • You get feedback right away.
  • It is a rather independent program. No parent involvement needed.
  • It is pretty comprehensive in nature.
  • You can retake the tests anytime and any number of times.
  • You can go through the questions after the test has been taken and see where the mistakes were done.
  • There are printable worksheets available.
One of the aspects that did not appeal to me was the fact that he lessons cover the whole topic. I wished it only covered the specific sub-topics that were missed. The boys did not enjoy having to go through things they thought they already knew. Now, that said, you are able to skip the parts that you do not want to review.

This Adaptive Placement Test w/Lesson plan is a 3-month subscription, which is what we received. I think it will be sufficient to see if your child is at grade level or not, and to help close gaps, if necessary.

This is a really good Math program worth checking out. It allowed me to see how many gaps my oldest, especially has in his Math skills (which I suspected, but was made more evident and specifics.). With my youngest, it showed also that he was at grade level, though I had him tested at a higher grade.

If you are interested in checking out A + Interactive, they offer a few freebies for you to check out:

Free Math Placement Test:

Free Family Math Packages:

Free Software Download:

Free Single Grade Level:

Free eBook:

A+Interactive is also offering a 40% to 50% sale on their "Family Package" and "Adaptive Placement Testing w/Lesson"s between which ends May 18.

A+ Interactive Math Review

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