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Monday, May 18, 2015

Grade 7 Middle School Plans

The middle school years are on us. My oldest is going to be grade seven next year. As I think about our curriculum line up for next year, I cannot but think I need to look ahead to the High School years which will be upon us sooner that we think.

My son does not quite know yet what he wants to do, but he has a deep love for History and logic, (and for everything Marvel and DC connected), so I am thinking he is probably gonna end up in the humanities. With that in mind I am cogitating a course of study that will hopefully prepare him to that end, while still working on some general subjects that are kind of basics.


We have been using and enjoying a review product from last year: CTC Math. Though the subscription ended a few months ago, I was blessed to be chosen for this year's review of it again. You can read my review from last year here.

Earlier this year, I got a good deal on the Life of Fed Before High School series, and we are enjoying going through that. We just finished Fractions and are in the early chapters of  Decimals and Percents.


We will be continuing with Tapestry of Grace as we all love it here, and it covers not only History, but also Literature, Worldview, and Bible Survey. We started the Dialectic stage this year, and this is serving to develop his critical thinking skills as well as research skills. We will be doing Year 2 in the Fall: Middle Ages.

Language Arts

I already own MCT Magic Lens, so we will be doing that.

I am debating to get Analytical Grammar as well.

His spelling skills need work, so I am toying (which I have been for the past two years) with Phonetic Zoo. I just got on a review for  Dynamic Literacy, which is a vocabulary curriculum, which I hope will help with spelling as well.


Writing and Rhetoric, from Classical Academic Press,  is working quite well for him, so we will most likely stick with it, moving on to Book 4: Chreia and Proverbs. Watch out for a review of Book 3: Narrative II, coming on this blog soon.

Classical Writing: Poetry for Beginner, which I purchased last year but did not get to do this year.

This year I want to start to get him ready for high school literature, so I am thinking of using the new Tapestry Literature for Young Adults.

I am also considering using Reasoning and Reading from Classical Academic Press to reinforce his critical and analytical skills.


Latin and Greek
I had to stop Latina Christiana mid-year this year, as it was not working out very well with him. I  am hopping to start again this coming year using Latin Alive, and also start Greek for Children both from Classical Academic Press also.

French, not sure what will be next once he finishes Duolingo.


I am loving Visual Learning Systems, so we will park here for a while. You can read my review of it here.


The Art of Argument from Classical Academic Press.


Bible Road Trip and Firmly Planted (of which you can read my recent review). We will probably continue doing Bible verse copywork as well, using Write Through the Bible.

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