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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Random 5 On Saturday

It's been another month since my last update on what is going on here at our house. It's time for a Random 5.

1. I am trying my hand at gardening, and balcony gardening at that, since we live in an apartment. This will be  a first for me, and so far so good. I have planted two types of tomatoes, lettuce, Zucchini, thyme and yellow peppers. I just did a transplant today.

2. On the school front we are nowhere close to wounding down. We still have:
  • 9 weeks to go with our Tapestry of Grace.
  • 6 weeks in our Writing program, Writing and Rhetoric.
  • We just started  Life of Fred Decimals and Percents a couple of weeks ago, and there are 32 chapters, at one a day.
  • Latin is getting there.
  • We started a new program for vocabulary for the crew: WorldBuildOnline.
  • French for Joho is almost done. Zach's duolingo still has a few lessons to go.
  • We finished Psalm 121 in our copywork. Next week we will start Philippians 2.
  • Grammar will still be going for a few weeks.
  • We are enjoying a new Bible Study curriculum: Firmly Planted. Check my just posted review!
See all the great Firmly Planted resources.
3. My oldest has been doing cooking as one of his elective classes this session, and yesterday, we got to enjoy the nice apple pie he made. Delish! And the best part, I did not have to make it!

4. My youngest has taken on baking. He has assigned Friday as his baking day. He's tried a few cookie recipes and a cake so far. He is baking one for our church's luncheon for Mother's Day tomorrow.

5.  We had a field trip this last Monday. My oldest got to explore the Underground Railroad at the Pickering Village Museum. My youngest was led through life and school days back in the days.

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