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Thursday, June 18, 2015

CTC Math - TOS Review

Math, oh Math! For some reason, this is a school subject that many dread and are always on the look out for curriculum to try. Here I am to tell you about one that my boys really like: CTC Math.

We got the chance to review CTC Math last year, and when it came up for review again, my boys were thrilled, as last year's subscription had already expired. We received a subscription to their 12 Month Family Plan of their US Curriculum.

What is CTC Math?

CTC Math is an online Math curriculum that describes itself as an online Math Tutor. It is geared for kids from Kindergarten to High school.

How it works:

Being an online program, you will need a computer, or a tablet, as well as an internet connection to use it. Once you subscribed you are given a log in for each student using the program.

The way the program works is that you watch a video with a teacher that explains to you the math concepts. Once you complete the video, you have a chance to do a set of exercises (usually 10-20 questions), to help you master and apply the concept just learned. You can redo the exercises as many times as you want and each time it will be a new set of questions. You can keep going over the lesson as many times as you need to, or want to. After each answer you are told if your answer was right or wrong, and what the right answer is, but with no explanation. Once you complete the set of questions, you can see all your answers together.

The exercises are graded, and at the end of a set of concepts you have a chance to be awarded a bronze, silver, gold or platinum medal. The parent gets to set the passing grade in the parent's log in.

The teacher is an Australian Math teacher named Pat Murray.  You do not see him and only hear his voice explaining to you the lesson, and he has a very pleasant and composed voice.

You can have several kids use the program at the same time. The parent gets a separate log in from where he can track each child's progress in details, and choose the option of receiving notifications each time they get a certificate.

The program covers Math topics quite extensively. These are separated in the following way:

  • Number, patterns, and Algebra
  • Measurement
  • Space and Geometry
  • Statistics and Probability

In turn, each of these topics are subdivided, and then as you click on each one you get another set of subtopics to work through.

Our opinion:

Even after a year of using CTC Math, the boys still love it. What do they love so much? (taken from them):

  • The lessons are easy to follow 
  • It gives you rewards for for courses
  • The tutor sounds friendly
  • The lessons are quick

What do I like?
  • You can go back and forth between grades
  • Independent - the parent is only needed if the concept is not properly understood, or to explain mistakes that are not self-evident.
  • Exhaustive
  • The reward system  makes the program very  motivating and challenging
  • Straightforward teaching, no flashy or distracting extras, yet still engaging.
  • There is a printable one page summary of the main points of the lessons
  • Easy to navigate through
There are a couple of extras incorporated within the program, such as speed skills that allows the kids to practice their Math facts.

Also, this program is a stand alone program, unless you like having your children do extra practice on paper.

I would recommend CTC Math to anyone looking for something fresh to do with their kids for Math, as well as for kids struggling in Math, as an extra tutor and practice outlet.

Interested? Give it a try by checking their demo or the free trial on their website.
CTCmath Review

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