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Monday, June 22, 2015

SmartKidz Media - TOS Review

With the explosion of the homeschool market, we are getting more and more cool products available to us as homeschoolers.

One of our recent review products is one of these: SmartKidz Media Library for Homechoolers, put out by SmartKidz Media.

SmartKidz Media Library, like its name suggests is a digital library of videos and more for homeschoolers. The creator's goal was to gather in one place a resource-packed full with educational videos to complement your home education.

SmartKidz Media being an online resource, you will need an internet to enjoy their resource. They can be watched on multiple devices such as computers, tablets, Wii and PS3, as long as you can get a browser.

These videos range between 11-25 minutes in length.

This library is big. Let me tell you, there is a lot in there to explore. It is made up of videos, music, ebooks and games.

 The content in the video media, which is referred to as the Family Media section, itself is huge. It includes:
  • Animal life
  • History, with more coming soon
  • Documentary on culture
  • Sports, coming soon
  • Health/Fitness
  • Cuisine
  • Science
  • Adventure and travel
  • Fine Art
You can also listen to a variety of classical artists as well as Jazz, cultural, and relaxation music.

On top of these videos, you also have access to a whole array of educational books which includes:
  • Story songs
  • classics such as Aesop and Mother Goose
  • Science
  • Reading readiness
As much as the video media section can be interesting to kids as well as adults, the ebook section of the website is more geared towards kids 8 and under.

Other sections on the website offer:
  • Baby signing videos
  • Videos specifically created for special needs kids 
  • Songs and videos to teaching living skills such as potty training and the likes
  • Game zone with puzzles, jokes and riddles

On top of all of this, SmartKidz Media also provides you with study guides on all your school subjects. What they really are are fact files or reference guides on:
  • Language Arts: covers punctuations, spelling, grammar etc...
  • Science Basics
  • Math Basics
  • Social Studies Basics: facts on US Presidents, the constitution and more
  • And more to come such as Spanish and accounting.
Our opinion:

SmartKizs Media is very rich and there is a lot in there to keep any child or even parent occupied and learning.

We spent most of our time in the family media part of the website, as most of the other sections are more appealing to younger kids. My boys enjoyed watching the culture and science videos. the videos are well made, the talk-over is very clear, precise and enjoyable. They kept my boys' attention. The information given in the videos are very factual and definitely not watered down. Because the videos are very factual, it is not censured and you will see for example in the culture videos, naked people or hear things that you may not agree with worldview-wise. I personally was not phased by those, as this is reality and they are just describing what is. MY boys weren't easy, but they love learning about the world.

I personally enjoyed the classic audio ones, which you can play while doing school, or during quiet time.

All in all I think these videos are great addition to a homeschooling home where learning about the world is a hallmark. This is a concentrated place for finding resources for that, on top f everything else they offer. This is like a Netflix but more focused on educational material. With summer upon us, this might be a resource you might want to give a try, to keep your kids leaning.

SmartKidz Media Review


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