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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Reading Round Up Curiculum

Have a child to whom you are teaching how to read, or getting ready to teach how to read?
"Reading is one of those school subjects that many parents dread to have to teach to their kids. Even though this is an understandable reaction, given that reading is one of those fundamental life skills, it need not to be fret. 
With the explosion of the homeschool market, reading curricula abound. There are lots of options available to you that can equip and assist you in teaching your children to read. 
As part of our Homeschool Curricuculun Round up here at Year Round Homeschooling, we would like to suggest a few reading curriculum for you to check out, in an effort to aid you as you prepare for the up coming year."
Read the rest over at Year Round homeschooling where I was sharing a round up of Reading Curriculum. This post is part of the Curriculum Round up series going on over @Year Round Homeschooling all of July.

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