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Thursday, July 30, 2015

UnLock Math - TOS Review

At my house I have one child who loves Math and another child for who Math is not his strong suit; he is more of a literary guy. So, when Math products come up for review I tend to be among those who want to give them a try.

Our last product, from UnLock Math, has proven to be a gem for my not so Math lover. We received UnLock  Pre-Algebra and started on it right away.

From the first lesson, I personally was hooked.

What is UnLock Math?

UnLock Math is a new on the market online Math program created and taught by Alesia Blackwood, a homeschool graduate. Her credentials include a certification from the Georgia Professional Standards Commission to teach Mathematics grades 7-12, as well as being a member of the Ontario College of Teachers certified in Intermediate and Senior Divisions Mathematics and Computer Science, As such she brings Math tutoring home and to a new level, as she brings to the homeschool world her enthusiasm, teaching gift, and her love of Math.

Because, it is online, you will need internet to use the program.

On top of the video lessons, UnLockMath provides assessments, unlimited practice, grading, report, and fully explained solutions to quizzes and challenges.

This program covers grade 7 and up, so Pre-algebra and Algebra courses. We received the Pre-Algebra course for review.

UnLockMath brands itself as being:

Comprehensive & Rigorous 
Interactive & Adaptive 
Engaging & Fun 
Anxiety buster & confidence booster
I found that UnLock Math is suitable for any kind of learners, including gifted, struggling, and anyone looking for a new engaging, and fun way of study Math.

How does it work?

The program is divided into 16 units. Each unit is in turn divided in lessons (6-10 depending on the unit). After every 2-3 lessons there is a quizz, and at the end of the unit, there is a test.
Though the teacher is very dynamic and engaging, there is nothing flashy about UnLock Math. It is straight Math taught lively. The test and quizzes questions are given one at a time without distraction and without instant feedback. Once the test is complete the grade is given with complete answers and explanation.

Each lesson follow the same pattern:
Warm up exercises 
Video lesson 
Practice exercices 
Stay sharp exercices 
A challenge question
I had my 6th, soon 7th grader work on this as his Math Curriculum, 4 times a week. UnLock Math offers a suggested pacing guide with the program.

What we liked:
  • The lessons are broken down in bite-size pieces
  • The lessons as engaging, dynamic and detailed
  • The lessons are not too long
  • There is gradual and cumulative testing that allows to check how much has been mastered and understood
  • The lessons and testing are not overwhelming
  • The navigation is pretty easy
  • It is very independent. The parent is almost not needed, as the lessons are very detailed and so are the answers to the quizzes and tests.
  • The parent's log-in provides you with a valuable detailed progressed report.
This is going to be one of our Math choices for this coming year, and I am looking forward to Zach's progress with it.

You can visit their website and check out their sample videos to get a taste of the lessons:

You can also check them out on their various social media network:


UnLock Math Review

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