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Friday, August 14, 2015

Back to School Blog Hop - Planing your Daily Routine

I am back on day five of the Back to Homeschool Blog Hop. Today I will take a look at planning your daily routine.

So once you have a general idea of what your year will look like (in broad strokes) from our post on Wednesday about Planning Your Homeschool Year, you can then turn to planning a daily routine to get through your weekly workload.

First step is to figure out how many times a week you will do every subjects you have planned. For example this what our week looks like when it comes to the distribution of subjects throughout the week:

One we get that figured out, we distribute the work load for each subject throughout the week. Using a form like this one comes in very handy for that work.

Next, we come to our daily routine.

I am not a early riser, so school does not start early here. The earliest would be 10:00am. My kids are quite independent now though, and often start their easy subjects without me.

For my oldest (11 1/2) that would be one or more of those:
Duolingo (online)
Unlock Math (online)
Grammar town practice sentences
For my youngest (9 1/2), it would be one of those:
Latin (Latin for Children A)
Logic (printed from SuperTeachers Worksheet - up coming review)

I do not therefore have a time based daily schedule. We tried and it does not work for us. Instead what I do is mark on a piece of paper what needs to be done that day and they simply check it off. This has been what works for us. The form that this takes has varied over the years but this system is the best one for us.

Last year we successfully used a student logbook system we got to review, and before that, used a self-made check box system.

 This year I decided to go simple and use a notebook system wherein I just write all that needs to be done that day.

The way it works is that they just do their subjects in the order they want, calling me when they need me. With that system, they are done when everything is ticked off, or I decide for some reason, that a certain subject originally planned for the day is not going to be done that day.

With this system I am a cheerleader, spurring them on to keep working. My youngest is very motivated, so he always finishes in a good reasonable amount of time. My oldest, on the other hand, tends to get distracted a lot by his own interests, and needs more of my supervision. That said, he has shown great progress in the last year, so I just keep challenging him and put the responsibility on him to complete his work, whatever time it is.

And this is how we manage our school day. Some days everything gets done, and some days are crazy. This is the homeschool life!

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MJ @ Creative Madness Mama said...

I have a love/hate relationship with daily schedules. :)

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