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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Dig-It! Games: Roman Town - TOS Review

We live in an age where computer games are very prevalent in the life of kids. Technology has become a staple play item for a lot of children. This being the case, a company called Dig-It! Games decided to use this very means as an educational tools.

They created two History related educational games, one on Ancient Mayas, called Mayan Mysteries (computer game), and one on Ancient Rome, called Roman Town (ios app).

Members of the crew were offered choices between the two, and we decided to give Roman Town a try.

We did review, back in 2011, the Mayan Mysteries computer game, and the boys really enjoyed it, so I figured they would most likely enjoy playing another one from them. I picked Roman Town because we were just finishing our studies of the Romans (at the time of the review), I so figured it would be a nice way to continue the learning.

Roman Town is an educational ios app, best suited for middle school students. It features kids lost in an old roman town ruin. As these kids explore the ruins of the town, they are faced with puzzles to solve through which they accumulate clues that will help them catch a thief on the loose.

This educational game is a wonderful tool to help your kids in the areas of Critical thinking, Deduction skills and Comprehension skills. The main core of the game consists of over 35 puzzles to be solved. These include: code breakers, jigsaw puzzles, pipes, mazes, and matching games. The game is made up of different areas that need to be unlocked. There is a fair amount of reading to do as the game is meant as a real learning History tool, but nothing too overwhelming for a Middle schooler.

As you play the games you learn about a lot of aspects from roman life, such as
  • Roman hobbies
  • Roman food
  • Facts of Pompei
  • Roman warfare
  • Roman games 
  • Roman gods

All you need to play the game is to download it from the app store and you are set to go. This is an easy game to navigate through, even though the puzzles are not necessarily easy. It does demand thinking to get through the various parts of the games. The challenges get progressively harder as you advance through the game. 

The graphics of the games are very appealing, and the game itself entertaining. You want to get to the end and see the resolution.

The boys enjoyed playing with it during their free time, or when we were out somewhere and they did not have anything to do. They were not able to finish as yet, as they got stuck somewhere, but they are hopeful.

One cool feature of the game is that you can reset it, so that, once you completed it, you can redo it all over again. Never ending fun!

You can visit them on their social media to learn more about Dig It! Games. I am sure you will find something there your kids will most likely enjoy!
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Dig-It! Games Review

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